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Crossing Over: An anonymous writer's reflection on drug culture

When I was in high school my poodle got tick bite fever and because we lived on a farm we kept pet meds in the fridge. The hardest thing for me to do was to puncture her skin and inject the Phenamidine. I knew if I didn't she would die. So I saved her life.
That didn't cure my fear of needles though.
But a few weeks ago I gave my training buddy a B12 shot and, to my surprise, he didn't feel a thing. The second time I jabbed him was even easier and I can now say with confidence that I've overcome my trypanophobia.
However, watching a brilliant series like Breaking Bad, puts a totally different spin on the use of needles (and drugs). It portrays the dark side of reality and the PG rating, unfortunately, is many parents' cue to change the channel to protect their kids from the evils of this world. Meanwhile their teen angels have been high more times than mom had renewed her Ritalin prescription.


Tennessee Williams' ONE ARM premieres in Cape Town

After the international success of Kingdom of Earth and The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore, Abrahamse & Meyer Productions have been granted special permission by the Tennessee Williams Estate to adapt one of Williams' most famous erotic short stories for the stage.

Written in 1942 and initially published in an expensive limited edition, One Arm tells of an aspiring boxer who loses his arm in a car accident and turns to prostitution for a living. The young hustler violently murders a client and is sentenced to death for this crime. On death-row, he receives hundreds of letters from former clients explaining how deeply he touched their lives. Explicit and daring, One Arm gives a graphic account of the homosexual underworld during 1940s while at the same time, being one of Williams' most poignant portraits of a mutilated body and soul.


Throughout his life Williams was excited by the dramatic potential of One Arm and adapted it for the screen in the late 1960s but sadly the film was never produced. In 1972 Williams wrote that he conceived One Arm "as a dark poem whose theme is the prevalence of mutilations among us all, and their possible transcendence."


The PRIDEs of Gauteng

Remember numerous Joburg Pride parades based at Zoo Lake until 2012? One year they boasted attendance by 25 000. And more than a decade before, we mustered 10 000 for a march from Library Gardens around Hillbrow and back, with camels! But last year the "official" Joburg Pride that straggled around a bit of Sandton attracted only hundreds. There was competition from Soweto Pride, People's Pride, and even Pretoria Pride.
But was it only the competition that brought about the fall? There was also politicking, which climaxed in the famous "no reason to celebrate" demo in which members of a women's group, the 1 in 9 Campaign, lay down in front of the Parade to draw attention to its depoliticisation.
This year's Johannesburg Pride Parade & Festival will be held at Mushroom Farm Park on 25 October. You may find more details at Soweto Pride takes place on 27 September from 10am in Credo Mutwa Park. PretoriaPridelogo
Pretoria Pride may be the one causing the most excitement (see p3) and will take place at the Centurion Rugby Club on 4 October 2014. The Parade will follow the same route as last year around central Centurion. Mark Stent , the world's strongest DJ, and Hazel Dean, British dance-pop singer, will be appearing at both Pride and the afterparty at Babylon. More info at
At the time of going to press, the Ekurhuleni Pride website was still showing planning for the 2012 parade.

Let's talk about sex, baby. Let's talk about HIV...

H4MLOGOOne of my favourite sitcom quotes comes from Will & Grace when Karen tries to coax Jack into sleeping with Beverly (Lesley Jordan) for money. "Oh you'll do it. You'll do it the same way any self-respecting woman does. Get on your back, point your heels to Jesus and think of handbags."

Don't know about you but the last thing I think about when I am (excuse the pun) "in" the moment, is handbags - or any other commodity for that matter. I need to feel connected to the person for me to be in the moment and truth be told, I try to find meaning in every encounter.

I guess when you have sex with a regular shag buddy you kinda know what to expect after a while. Of course, the more versatile and flexible you are the more adventurous and unpredictable your bed sports should be. Not that I'm an expert! I just think that variety is the spice of life, whether it is cuisine, couture, culture or cocks.


Key Populations: Love is the Key

As we go to press, the World AIDS Conference gets underway in Melbourne, Australia. The event will attract huge media attention, and a vast range of papers will sum up where we are, globally, in managing the epidemic, and how we should go forward.
The event, starting on 20 July 2014, is not without controversy. Huge amounts of money are required to get delegates to Melbourne. A not infrequently asked question id whether such vast sums are indeed best spent on an event such as this. Clinical advances will have been, or will be, written up in publications easily accessible electronically. Socio-economic accounts are likewise available. The ease and economy of access to a wide range of studies on the world wide web mean that serious doubts can be cast on the ethics and economics of funding such a vast gathering of interested parties.
Is the event not, in many cases, a junket for those in the AIDS industry? For the reasons already stated, is it not preferable for those in the field to access new information electronically, and for governments and NGOs to spend what resources they have on managing the epidemic according to well-established guidelines electronically available?


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