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Where have all the good gays gone?

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logo Maximilian Fuxjaegers conflicted copy 2014-05-03Life as a gay man presents itself with unique challenges that can only be truly understood by having walked the walk. The demographic we belong to has evolved into multiple sub-demographics, and as if the evolution (or devolution depending on your point of view) of life on earth is not enough to contend with, us gay folk need to figure out a set of rules, morals and standards that work for us amidst the gay sub-cultures of gimp mask wearing leather fanatics, right through to eyelash fluttering divas in drag. Choices have to be made between monogamy, open relationships and a variety of options in between. So once you have finally found a man that not only is sexually compatible with whatever stage of top or bottom you are going through, and both of you can live with the other's fetishes and faults, you still have to consider the normal challenges of making a relationship work. It is thus no wonder that even though homosexuality has been a part of humanity for as long as humanity has existed, we tend to hover on the ocean of relationships like rudderless rafts for most of our lives.
Fortunately (and what sometimes seems miraculous taken the complexity of our nature), there are couples that have made their relationships work for


Penquin PRIDE

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penguinprideMossel Bay's First Annual Gay Pride, a most anticipated event. People in Mossel Bay have been talking about having a pride for years till I decided enough is enough and took the courage to say let's do it. I went to the Mayor and asked her what she though and she said "Live and let Live". That was my que. After seeking out restaurateur Albert Wiffen help everything started to fall in place. It's a month later and Mossel Bay's first annual pride is well on its way with Guests stars to wow our town, international renowned Dj Master Morgan and events that will keep it fun but in the same breath still stylish.

What we imagine for The Penguin Pride is that it can be celebration where all race, Sex & Creed can come together and join in the celebration of freedom of rights. Marching down Marsh Street waving our gay flags proudly.


Frank Kater: missing for weeks in Cape Town

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Ashes for Feathers

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Exit has been nominated for a Feather Award 2014 in the media section, apparently because we have a history of positive reportage on LGBTI matters, hardly surprising considering we have been South Africa's LGBT newspaper since the early '80s, bringing you information about political and health developments of significance to LGBTI people, along with original and entertaining columns and stories on a vast range of issues. The nomination was announced at the head office of Chevrolet on 7 October. General Motors is the major sponsor of the Feather Awards.
"Cheeky, Irreverent, Controversial, Hilarious and Fabulous" are some of the words claimed to have been used to describe the Feather awards, founded in 2008 as a "tongue-in-cheek, light-hearted celebration of high-profile individuals who, according to the LGBTI community, have inspired, scandalised and amused South Africans" over the previous year.

It is not clear how the organisers of the Feather Awards get the conclusions of the LGBTI community on who should receive, or indeed be nominated for awards. It is also probably inevitable that the writers of their press release should have glossed over the fact that the Feather Awards have been described in Exit as irrelevant and trivial, adjectives validated again this year by the categories in which people are nominated: Cutest Couple, Hot Chick of the Year, Socialite, and Drama Queen being arguably the most irrelevant categories, though we also have to wonder, in this year of Ebola, how important Best Styled Male and Best Styled Female are.
Exit has decided to decline this nomination. We note that Chevrolet, the main sponsors of this event, have a proud history of affirmation of LGBTI rights, but the general frivolity and air-headedness associated with these "awards" make it something which, at this time, we do not feel we can be associated with.

A HIV Shot of Hope

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The Search for the Next Positive Hero SA, Begins

On 1 December the HIV epidemic gets a massive shot of hope with the launch of The Search for the Next Positive Hero SA, an initiative of the Change the Stigma Project, spearheaded by Charles Jacobs and supported by Trevor Kleinhans.

In 2011 Charles Jacobs was nominated as a finalist in the Mr Gay South Africa competition, and made history by taking a courageous step. Already having lived with the HIV virus for nine years, he made the bold move to disclose his status publicly, the first time any finalist had done so, and challenge the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS head on.


"People living with HIV often say the stigma they encounter is worse than the disease itself," he said. "That stigma is exactly what prolongs the journey from denial to acceptance for anyone who is HIV positive, and is what we aim to change with the search."

In 2012 Jacobs was selected by the NGO, Positive Heroes, as their first Positive Hero.This inspired him to create Change the Stigma Project with the mission of searching for more positive role models.


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