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Disney’s castle logo is more than well known, but few people may know that it was modeled on a gay love nest. The original nest is Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. The castle was built by Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm, who was king of Bavaria, as a retreat for composer Richard Wagner with whom he is reputed to have had a gay relationship. Ludwig had first heard Wagner’s operas at the age of 15 and was totally struck by them.waltdisneylogo
Ludwig was just 18 when he ascended the Bavarian throne after his father’s death. He had little or no interest in ruling Bavaria, as his main interests were in art, architecture and music. Ludwig never married, nor did he have any mistresses. It is, however, known from his diary, private letters, and other personal documents, that he had strong homosexual desires which he battled to suppress. Throughout his life, Ludwig had a succession of close friendships with men, including his aide de camp, Prince Paul, a member of Bavaria's wealthy Thurn und Taxis family, his chief equerry and Master of the Horse, Richard Hornig, Hungarian actor Josef Kainz, and courtier Alfons Weber.Neuschwanstein
Neuschwanstein was designed as an homage to Wagner’s music and as representations of the musical mythology in the operas Tannhäuser, Lohengrin and later Parsifal. The castle was commissioned in 1868 and construction began in 1869, and although it was not complete, the King moved into his palace in 1884. The building was never completed due to the King’s death in 1886.

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The iconic and legendary local “queer dance party” brand, Therapy, takes partying to an even higher level for Therapy’s 21st birthday - Sextravaganza 2017, on Saturday 11 November at Carfax.
Join us as for our ‘coming-of-age’ celebration of music, glamour, cultural and gender equality and above all else, the love of a good time!
Therapy is not about selling a VIP status, all of its patrons are VIPs, it is not about big name djs, although it has had many of those! It is about the party experience that is uniquely Therapy, and how a patron feels about the attitude of that.
Therapy’s 20th birthday event ‘Love Injection’ was proclaimed “Party of the Year” by MambaOnline in 2016, and with the ‘coming-of-age’ aspect of this event, Therapy has an even bigger and better plan for this huge milestone in its proud history of entertaining clubland.
It’s definitely cool to have the parties back in the city, with no traffic, minimal interferance, and being able to make a noise! Jozi can be alot of fun! Therapy returns to Carfax, a legendary venue that once again, will pull out all the stops for Therapy on this special night.

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BELOW HER MOUTH is a bold, uninhibited drama that begins with a passionate weekend affair between two women. Dallas, who works installing roofs, and Jasmine, a fashion editor, share a powerful
and immediate connection that inevitably derails both of their lives. The film stars Canadian actress, Natalie Krill and Swedish model, Erika Linder. Made entirely by women,
BELOW HER MOUTH is written by Stephanie Fabrizi and directed by April Mullen and produced by Melissa Coghlan
The all-woman crew is led by cinematographer Maya Bankovic (THE RAINBOW KID), production designer, Faye Mullen (88), editor, Michelle Szemberg (NATASHA) and award-winning wardrobe stylist, Zeina Esmail.BHM D3 SG 198

Dallas (Linder) makes her living in a rough trade, shingling roofs for a living while turning over female lovers in her personal life—until she encounters self-assured and successful fashion editor, Jasmine (Krill). From the moment their eyes meet, the two women are inexplicably drawn to one another. Their connection is powerful and immediate, drawing them into a passionate love affair. Jasmine sees through Dallas’s charm and recognizes her philandering ways, but that creates only a small obstacle for Dallas, the bigger obstacle: Jasmine's fiancé, Rile.

BELOW HER MOUTH is about that moment when you unexpectedly meet another person and the path of your life changes completely. It thin-slices life so that all the raw emotions, the intimacy and the friendship that generate from that meeting are explored with authenticity.
The story begins with Jasmine, a woman who is happy with her life. She has built the path she wishes to walk along, and she is moving forward in the direction of her choosing. And then she meets Dallas, a woman who is the diametrical opposite – a rebel without a cause, following no prescribed path except that of impulse and urge.
“That meeting sparks a flame in Jasmine,” said Producer, Melissa Coghlan. “She thinks, ‘I can either stay on the path I was on, which is what I know and where I feel comfortable and safe or I can follow my heart and follow this passion to see where it leads me.’ That choice is a scary place and that’s the story of Dallas and Jasmine. Dallas is accustomed to repeating the same patterns over and over again. She is a modern day female Casanova who collects lovers, but does not suffer from a guilty conscience. And then you have Jasmine, who’s engaged to a great guy. Together, they make the picture perfect couple. When these two women cross paths, choices have to be made.”
BELOW HER MOUTH is not about sexuality or gender,” Coghlan continued. “It’s not a coming-out story. It is a love story. It’s about how you could meet somebody and in a blink of an eye, fall for them and forget about your entire life.” Coghlan and first-time screenwriter Stephanie Fabrizi had noticed that in many of the films they had seen representing two women in a relationship often felt like it had been shot from a male perspective, or male point of view. They wanted to correct that by offering a different, fresher and more informed viewpoint.

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With our weak rand, travel, particularly international travel is a very costly pleasure. This is not so much because of the cost of the ticket, though a return trip to Cape Town in high season can cost over R4000 whereas a ticket on the same dates to Rome or Bangkok is around R7500. The bigger problem is once you are there, where are you going to stay as accommodation will cost a whole lot more? Because of this a lot of people are turning to groups like Queer Couchsurfers on Facebook, and they report that this is the way to travel. Where else can you find free places to stay when travelling around the world, or even at home in SA? You may even get a shag into the deal!Manonbed
There is which has over 10 000 hosts in 130 countries around the world, and .They arrange home swaps or sharing for the gay traveller and have 4000+ members around the world. On the homeswapping side there is ,which offers not only home swapping but also hospitality exchanges, room exchanges, house sitting, couch surfing and even vacation sharing, so you can avoid those single supplements that can make travel for single people so expensive. And has now apparently added an LGBT group to their site. Anyone out there with more info in this line, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can share it with others who may be interested.

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