Are You Really an Advanced Driver?

You’ve passed your driver’s license… maybe you’ve even been driving South Africa’s highways and byways for years – so you think you’re a good driver, right?

You may be right, but in the words of Billy Joel, you may be wrong. You may have a lot of experience, but you have a lot of bad habits too, without even being aware of them.

One of the best ways to step back and take a closer look at your driving skills and knowledge is to go on an advanced driving course, according to Imperial Auto. Spending time with a professional driving instructor will help you gain insights into defensive driving, road safety, hijacking defence, as well as teaching you how to get the best performance from your car – safely.

Types of courses vary, with some of the major vehicle brands including a course as part of the purchase price of a new vehicle – something that is particularly true of off-road vehicle brands.

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