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In a development that should bring home to every member of the LGBTIQ community in South Africa, and the world, of the grave situation presented to us by the spread of the new coronavirus Covid-19, the postponement of Mr. Gay World™ 2020 was announced on 14 March, as follows:

“Due to the unfortunate and unforeseen events unfolding globally because of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Mr. Eric Butter, President of the Mr. Gay World™️ competition has decided to postpone the event with immediate effect until a later date to be confirmed in August or September 2020.

“We have been following global health organisations, reputable media sources and also national health departments worldwide before making this decision”, said Mr. Butter, who resides in Australia that has recently placed a lockdown on events of over 500 people and advised its citizens to avoid unnecessary travel.

With many member countries in lockdown and most governments banning or in the process of banning events and gatherings of people, we have had to take the unfortunate decision to rather postpone the event to a later date for the safety of our members, delegates, their friends and families and also to do our part in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Concurring in the decision of Mr. Eric Butter is Managing Director of Els Event Architects Johann Els, the appointed events &production company of this year’s Mr. Gay World, who said: “We have agreed that it would be best to postpone this event to a more suitable date so that we may have a fuller representation from all countries involved.”

It is advised that our members that have booked accommodation and flights please engage with your airlines and accommodation venues who should be more than willing to shift the dates to a later time period, this should be covered under contractual “Act of God”/ “force majeure” clauses.

We thank all our members and delegates and kindly request that they continue following our social media and web pages, where we will keep them updated on new developments and dates.”

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