Lesbian Couple Held a Pandemic Wedding

Lesbian Couple Held a Pandemic Wedding at a Movie Theater and Walked Down an Ailse of Cars

Bri and Lindsey Leaverton met in 2018 and planned to get married in early April this year. But the global pandemic threw a monkey wrench in their wedding plans.

“We had this beautiful wedding planned at this historic mansion in Austin and as virus started expanding more rapidly and we were having these orders put into place, we quickly realized we weren’t going to be able to have the wedding we planned,” Bri told Out magazine.

The couple’s wedding was originally planned for Good Friday – “nothing says ‘He Is Risen’ like a good ol’ lesbian wedding,” they joked. But they canceled the wedding to wait out the pandemic.

Then a family member was diagnosed with COVID-19. “In that moment we realized no one is promised tomorrow, and we didn’t want to wait a year,” Lindsey said.

The day after the original wedding date, they started preparing a pandemic wedding. After calling around, the Austin couple found that Doc’s Drive-In in Buda, Texas was still open.

For the next few weeks, they put their plan together while Lindsey worked remotely (Bri got laid off) and the women homeschooled their three children.

They called around to find a courthouse so they could get the paperwork done, and they found a particularly conservative one that was still open.
“We were like ‘Well, they can’t turn us away!’” Lindsey said, and they drove down with their kids.

The wedding this was officiated by Jen Hatmaker.

Hatmaker was a Christian author until she decided to support LGBTQ people and Black Lives Matter and became a pariah to evangelical Christianity.

LGBTQ Nation last wrote about her in 2018 when she was giving out “free mom hugs” at Austin Pride.

Lindsey and Bri walked down an aisle of cars at the drive-in, wearing cowboy boots under their wedding dresses. Guests watched from the cars and from home – the wedding was livestreamed on social media.

“We don’t know when that will be but when this is all lifted we can’t wait to hug everybody,” Lindsey said.

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