Queer Warrior: Adebayo Oke-Lawal

@theorangenerd, Fashion Designer

You cannot speak about African Luxury without mentioning Orange Culture; the gender defying, socially conscious and intelligent fashion brand created by the genius that is Adebayo Oke-lawal.

Hailing from Nigeria the designer retails in Africa, Europe and the U.S. Adebayo firmly states that his brand aims to challenge the representation of diversity in fashion.

“When I think of diversity it is about allowing people to express themselves. To be liberated, to feel, express and to love. Diversity at its core is about celebrating beauty and uniqueness”

The self-taught designer says that Africans have stopped asking for a seat at the table and have started self-actualizing. The era of conformity has ended, and we as Africans, are in a period of unboxing the new world.

The bravery with which Adebabayo describes his intent on taking up space without permission is really the vibrato with which this Queer Warrior roars. Having stopped thinking of fashion within the context of binaries, to him masculine and feminine is just another boundary that people should break free from.

“I feel a shift is taking place in the continental conversation around freedom of individualism,” he told Exit.

For him, the current social conversation is proof that society needs to talk about and advocate for the kind of liberation that sees us, as queer folks and warriors, living freely beyond the social constructs of a colonized cis-het Africa.

Words: Treyvone Moo


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