Queer Warrior: Kieron Jina

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As a multi-disciplinary artist, performance dance artist, choreographer, video artist, performance creative, researcher, facilitator of creative process and lecturer based in Johannesburg, Kieron Jina is as full of complexities as his description of himself is.

A multi-award winner and artist that has travelled the world via his craft, this Durbanite dreams of Afro-futures in which queer people can continue to surpass binaries and break boundaries in every form.

“I have always had the inclination to move my body, it gave me the ability to communicate my thoughts and later discover my politics and identity in understanding the world. It provoked me into finding my own voice and start articulating my own ideas,” he shared with us.

“My voice was intentionally queer rather than assimilating, my craft allowed me a means to confront society in a way that made me feel authentic.”

The founder of Queer Art Night South Africa finds it deeply important to create our own representation as the queer community, to continue pushing past what is tedious and queering every art form. Through expressing ourselves freely, as Jina does, we learn that we are collectively realizing our own raw energy, and being imaginative within it.

“It’s about reclaiming our personal narratives, understanding what afro-futurism means for us now in a contemporary space. There is power in ripping off the band-aid of what is an unhealed wound and imagining a future of what we can offer for ourselves, questioning social constructs, our alienations and what that means. Let’s continue to find the complexities, find ways to reclaim our bodies as erotic and fetish, we don’t need to be shameful about these things anymore.”

Words: Tshegofatso Senne


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