New Music: Good Enough by Richard Juries

LGBTIQ and Mental Health Awareness Activist Richard Juries is a 29-year-old Hanover Park born singer who is now front and centre with his solo singing career, after managing artists; directing and producing entertainment, theatre and fashion shows. Juries has just released his first ever single titled “Good Enough”.


The plight of depression and anxiety Richard has experienced in his lifetime, cultivated a song of self-love and self-acceptance. As an activist for LGBTIQ+ and Mental Health Awareness, he was inspired to write an anthemic mantra that allows the listener to speak positivity over their lives by saying, “I’m Good Enough”.

As diverse as the gender references in the chorus, the versus compare life and the creative process of an artist, to that of a book. Writing and rewriting to suit the reader and not the self, burning the book being the artist ending their life. Juries was reminded of struggling to walk home in a heavy rainstorm one day, being burnt by life and the people it, yet rising each day despite it all.

Juries kicked off his solo musical journey in June 2019 with his debut show titled This Is Me. He comes from a musical family and one of the first Catholic Gospel bands in Cape Town. Juries believes in using each platform to create awareness of LGBTQI+ and Mental Health awareness.

You can stream “Good Enough” here.

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