Nguban Ozosqanda Press Release

Mr Allofit is set to release ‘Nguban Ozosqanda’, the second single from his much-anticipated mixtape #StreetBash.

The self-proclaimed Superstar of the Century continues to effortlessly blend a hard street delivery akin to Kwaito stars of old with catchy melodies that are sure to grip the contemporary audience.

Produced by Lindokuhle Malloy aka B1, ‘Nguban Ozosqanda’ is a sonic fusion of a kwaito bass progression and classic South African 80s bubble gum chords laced with hip hop styled snare drums. It’s a nostalgic homage to the quintessential South African street style with an updated futuristic twist AboAllof, as he affectionately calls his diehard fans, have become accustomed to.

‘I wanted to speak about the struggles black queer femmes go through’. Directly translating to ‘who is going to stop us’, from the song title to the last note on the record, Allofit proudly delivers with a bravado that pronounces a swagger in the listener. ‘In South Africa, although we’re still endangered, queer bodies have a privilege others in parts of the world do not, where there are oppressed by the law.’ 

A song about the power of community, ‘Nguban Ozosqanda’ truly connects people with like-minded ideals on LGBTQIA+ issues and moreover fashion and style. ‘This song is a homage to those people. I want all those people to feel empowered through this song’. It is a cross-generational street ballad.

The cover art is shot by Young Stilo with graphics by Lord Shiinzo. It sees Allofit defiantly on top of a moon wheeled police van shooting asteroid into the distance. ‘We have to be unafraid to protect ourselves’ says the songstress. ‘Police brutality is on the rise and we as queers need to stand defiantly against abusive forces of all kind’. With such determination, no one will be able to stop AboAllof. This summer jam will not only move feet into dancing but also move society towards fierce support of the lived LGBTQIA+ experience.

The single is released under Mr Allofit Entertainment and as his name suggests all of it goes with the stylist of the stars as long as it’s funky, fresh and futuristic.

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