Ballet Dancer Paul James Rooney Releases Heart Wrenching Single  ‘Save My Soul’ 


International ballet dancer and choreographer Paul James Rooney is back with a new tear-jerking song  ‘Save My Soul’. His debut single ‘Shine’ was featured in many international LGBTQ+ publications and received rave reviews. 


‘Save My Soul’ is Produced by American producer Paul Coultrup and is written by British songwriter Stephen Sims – release date 19th February.

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Exploring issues of hurt, distress and verbal and psychological abuse in a past relationship, ‘Save My Soul’  brings up issues we rarely discuss. Sticks and Stones may break our bones but words cut even deeper.  

Paired with an emotionally raw music video, we see Paul James Rooney dancing an impassioned ballet solo in a dance studio. The troubles and heartbreak of the song are perfectly matched with the beautiful minimalistic video showcasing not only Paul James Rooney’s talents as a singer but as an exceptionally talented and stunning ballet dancer.  


Bringing ballet into modern media and music videos is a dream that Paul James Rooney is fulfilling, after a successful appearance on the Danish version of the TV show ‘The Greatest Dancer’ (Den Vildeste Danser) – where he performed on national TV and brought ballet into everyone’s living room. Paul James is continuing his dream of introducing more people to ballet, and showing the world that ballet is still very much alive and can also have a place outside of the theatre.  



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