Zimisele Dlamini, 37, is a Joburg based leather bag designer. He was born and raised in Mandeni, Sundumbili Township on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal by his mother and dad with his late brother.
A local fashion brand ZIMISELE established in 2013. It was founded by Zimisele Dlamini due to his vision of bringing quality, unique fashion and lifestyle items to primarily young, urban professionals. He designs and manufactures locally handmade leather bags ranging from laptop bags, backpacks, sleeves to handbags. The unique selling point of our product is the customizability of the bags in colour and size The bags are either sold directly to customers and via social media
I was scouted in 2020 via social media by Flying Solo, New York for New York Fashion Week under the Ones To Watch competition. The competition serves as a platform for Flying Solo to show to the industry at large designers to Watch out for. Zimisele will be showcasing his leather bag designs to the international fashion community from the Vogue, Harper Bazaar, Business of Fashion, Fashion Week Online, etc. To name a few. This will be Dlamini’s first time at fashion week and his first fashion show ever. The show will take place in September 2021 at 59 Pier Studios, New York City. The show is expected to have over 800 guests from the fashion community and potentially reach an audience of 15+ million offline and online.
Although money is necessary to receive quality supplies, service and product components for your business to produce quality products also invest in relationships, the right relationships may get your business off the ground with minimal capital but always have something of value to offer in return, create win/win collaborations always.
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