The House of Basil is a Premier clothing brand made for Him/Her/Them. Made with the highest quality materials sourced in South Africa, it is as proudly South African as the booties that it covers. This Month, as we inch closer to South African Pride, and as we look to the month of June and International Pride Month, we remember that our community, the LGBTIQ+ community is under siege from many external dangers, from homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, to vile and violent crimes against us like corrective rape and hate murders. 


These are hopelessly trying times. However, we should not let these acts of evil dim our light. It is now more important than ever that we should look to the power and strength of the Queer community and celebrate our diversity. The House of Basil believes that there is no celebration with comfort. Our garments cater for sizes Small to Large with the addition of XL – XXL in the summer to cater for all shapes in under the rainbow. Our styles cater for the conservative amongst us and for the more adventurous, our sexy silhouettes, jocks and G strings are the favourites.


Love the skin you’re in, because at the House of Basil, we do.


Shop these and other looks at WhatsApp +2773 715 1639

Instagram: @houseofbasil_rsa

Twitter: @HouseofbasilR

Facebook: @houseofbasil

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