The Voice of the voiceless

By Dumisani Dube

Since 1995 the Zimbabwean government has carried out campaigns against LGBTI rights. Sodomy is classified as unlawful sexual conduct and defined in the criminal as ‘indecent act’ between consenting adults. This law also applies to heterosexuals but not necessarily to lesbians.

Miles Moyo is a thirty-year-old non-binary person from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Their ancestral roots are in the Southern part of Zimbabwe in Bulilima and Mangwe. They are a feminist who believes in the equality of people and is passionate about human rights and social justice with particular focus on LGBTQI rights, young people, and women. They value family, love, friendship and community and believe in spreading good and kindness and ubuntu.

Miles works as a programmes officer at Voice of the Voiceless, a feminist organisation advocating for the rights of lesbian, bisexual and queer women and trans and gender diverse persons in Zimbabwe. This role involves coordinating and implementing projects and liaising with the organisation’s stakeholders at various levels among other responsibilities. 

Their work within the organisation and in their personal capacity focuses on social justice, promoting inclusion, amplifying visibility of LGBQTI issues, creating safe spaces for sexual and gender minorities, and creating content that challenges perceptions and normative culture and offers a different voice on issues of sexuality and the often unspoken and ignored realities of our society. They are on the frontlines of the fight against discrimination and abuse of LGBTQI persons in Zimbabwe and have come a long way in the seven years they have been in the movement. It has a taken them a lot of healing and learning to become the proud and unapologetic queer person they are. Miles first came into the movement afraid of who they are and unsure that they could live a life as their authentic self but their burning desire to drive change propelled them to open up and play a part in making the world better for themselves and others like them by becoming active in activities of GALZ and The Sexual Rights Centre.

Miles aspires to contribute more to the LGBTQI movement through academic writing on issues of sexuality and gender in Africa. They are currently studying a Masters in Human rights, peace and development at Africa University in Zimbabwe. They hope in future to pursue a doctorate in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Miles is passionate about storytelling for social change, poetry and is a digital media enthusiast. They enjoy facilitating storytelling and writing workshops that highlight the real experiences of the LGBTQI community in Zimbabwe. They are a poet who aspires to be a best-selling poetry author and are currently working on publishing their first poetry collection titled “Pieces”. 

Miles is currently working on building their brand, The Queer Angle, a platform for those who are different and whose experience of the world is unconventional, outside the norm and well……queer. They have a blog on WordPress called The Queer Angle and a Facebook page with the same name.

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