By Dumisani Dube

It was a hive of activity in Illovo as queer and allies brought together their frock, hates stockings and bow tie to gather at Babylon the Joburg bar in the Greatest Showman style, to celebrate life, with Covid humankind has gone through the most, this was needed. It was a great show indeed. Walking through the door you were met by a welcoming atmosphere and a light up with big wording COME ALIVE and you knew I AM WITHIN AND I AM ALIVE.

Inside the bar was diversely beautiful people clad in colorful pretty outfits and the ambience was to die for. The whole show came to life when the host took to the stage to performed THIS IS ME. I felt that. Adam is a performer that one, and her jokes kept us more alive than the alcohol that was flowing left, right and centre.

The DJs Juran and Ricky gave me goosebumps as their selection was to the Tee, from seductive songs to dance tunes on a cold Friday night, just what the doctor ordered. I still can’t get over the dancers choreographed by Vicky Friedman and David Matamela, what a piece of art, can I hang them on my wall for the world to see?

The champagne tower was the icing on the cake, who doesn’t need some free bubbly once in a while. This is exactly what I had imagined and signed up for quickly. A winner!

If you were there and missed the activities happening on the poles in and on the bar counter, where the hell were you looking? Aeriel Dancers from Cirk made the pole sexy and candy to the eye. The whole scenario made me feel like I was in FANTASY LAND, this couldn’t be real. I pinched myself several times and oh yeah it was real, I WAS ALIVE in COME ALIVE.

Great execution, good conversations, amazing performances. Well done Babylon from us at EXIT, here is to many more parties.

Images by:

@dubedumisani and @bafo_23

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