The Art of living and making it in this life is complex. We go through the most while trying to survive.  We soldier on! There is nothing stopping us. Look at us now, we movers and shakers. Some are still crawling but one day they will walk and eventually run. All in God’s time. 

A good man told me that, there is never a NO in God’s answers, there is YES, NOT NOW and I HAVE PLANS FOR YOU! All we need to do is to be patient and never cut corners to be on top of the world. Yes, it can be hard to watch others living their best life but we never know HOW they made it there. Take a moment and think or ask them. 

Life is just like a magic carpet in those fairytale movies, it takes you round and round, up above the highest mountain peaks and down to the deepest valleys, such is today’s living. Just like climbers on the Mountain Everest we carry on without paying too much attention to the barriers that stand before us. What is important is to get to the top of that mountain and wave your flag of success and enjoy the view. 

It gives me pleasure to give you yet another exciting edition of the EXIT NEWSPAPER. In our aim to celebrate all queer individuals who are making life easier for us. 

Music brings joy to my heart. Our headliner this month is one person who takes the mic and creates magic with his voice. Langa Mavuso’s entrance into the industry brought smiles and has healed so many hearts. Our writer sits down with our SOUL HEALER and gets to know him better. Who is Langa Mavuso? A soft black man? Read on… I am excited. 

Too many exciting stories in this edition to inspire you our dear reader and I hope you like it.  After watching the yellow app kidnappings am sure you might have given up on ONLINE DATING. Well, we got you covered on our PERONAL ADVERTS. Try them, who know, we might be walking you down the aisle or not. 

There are no goodbyes for us my queer family, wherever you are, you are always in my heart. Till next time!


Dumisani Dube


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