Written by Simply Duma

The times we live in are interesting for many reasons, but mainly because so many of us are being exposed to situations that force us to look inwards. Whether on social media or real life, we’re always coming across things that lead us back to our inner children, but most of us aren’t ready to talk to that scarred young one just yet.

Marlon67 stands for a lot of things, and what a lot of people don’t know is that healing is one of them. I had come into this vocation during my time as a peer educator in university. I had been recommended to become a student counsellor shortly thereafter, and that is when I truly blossomed into the role of healer. Many of my fellow students were comfortable with coming to me with emotional or mental problems, and I would assist them in finding solutions best fit for the situation, and their inner selves. This gift also translated to my private life, where I was (and still am) the go-to guy for any emotional ailments my loved ones were experiencing, which felt organic and correct to me. 

I had then started incorporating this ability into my work when I decided to embark on the journey to being one of South Africa’s premier adult entertainers. I’m reminded of a time where one of my married clients booked me for sexual services for an hour, but climaxed within minutes because he hadn’t been touched in so long. We just chilled and spoke during the remaining time, and within that time he had become more comfortable and started expressing himself more freely. He had booked me again within a week, asking if he could use the time to just talk to me. To quote him; I had a “soothing soul that allows people to be free” around me. This would be further evident whenever I hosted nude parties. A lot of my patrons would not find it easy to be naked around other people, but I would be there to encourage and help them to feel not only comfortable, but empowered in their beautiful skin. 

Being a healer is an amazing talent. Helping people heal their metaphysical wounds is a great duty, but healers need to be taken care of as well. Here are a few words of advice for anyone who is blessed with the gift; there is only so much that you can do! It is important for you to not take too much responsibility to heal. Due to my experience and self-awareness, I know when I need to step back and call my strength back to me. I’m fortunate enough to be able to take a break from the city every two months and go to the ocean or any other place where nature dominates, and just meditate, recuperate, rejuvenate and reset for two weeks. I encourage you to find your own way to take a break from things, because you cannot heal others if you cannot heal yourself first.

A few reminders for people that are on their own healing journeys:

– Remember to take baby steps. Dramatic changes will definitely overwhelm you, but micro-changes allow you to take it one step at a time.

– Emotional healing is crucial, and also possible. Healing happens from the inside out. Understand what is in your heart and take it from there.

– Setbacks are part of the process. Use these as opportunities to learn more about why they happen, and what it says about how you can move forward.

– Face your past trauma and feelings. Our past will always play a role in our futures, so understand what it is from this time that affects you so deeply. It’s very difficult to go back to unpleasant times, but this is crucial. 

– Ask for help when you need to. Healing cannot be done in isolation. It is a personal journey, not a private one. Turn to those you trust and lean on them when you need to.

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