Written by Kenny Nhlapo

We are always cautious and uneasy when we are in relationships and always focusing on the red flags, and what’s about to go wrong. Well…. How about we focus on the green flags in a relationship and start appreciating what we have for a change. Well, here they are:

  1. You and your partner don’t play head games with each other: Your actions will follow your words; therefore your partner has no need to question your true meaning or intention. 
  2. You can disagree with your partner without fearing the consequences: Engaging in a tit for tat or the silent treatment does not constitute a healthy relationship. Feeling close even in disagreement is a green flag, and their sense of security reinforces the fact that your relationship is more important than winning an argument. 
  3. Your partner supports your personal growth: They are not threatened by your hustle nor goals, and actively supports you. 
  4. Your partner engages in their own interests, separate from you: To foster a healthy relationship, each partner requires personal space to nurture their independent interests and continue to grow in that area.
  5. Your partner takes your recommendations seriously: When your partner listens to you and seriously considers your feedback, it illustrates the respect they harbour for your intelligence and life experiences. 

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