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SelfieThe Yale Program on Climate Change Communication has reported a startling poll finding: 39 percent of Americans believe there’s at least a fifty percent chance that climate change will kill off the human race. A sense that we’re doomed seems to be creeping in. Perhaps it’s not a surprise, given President Trump’s energy policies. He is, after all, cramming CO2 into the sky like a James Bond supervillain. No wonder the public feels on edge.
So far, though, we haven’t seen much protest. Indeed, there’s a growing sense of resignation. Friends of mine almost casually mention the appearance of bizarre craters all over Siberia. It seems that the decaying permafrost is leaking CO2 and methane into underground pockets. They explode, popping out giant chunks of tundra. The entire Arctic, apparently, is fizzing with thawed greenhouse gases. Clearly, the situation is hopeless.
But what if it isn’t? Surely we must fight this doomsday trend. There’s so much at stake. For example, future generations. Readers of this magazine tend not to have children at the heterosexual rate, but lots of us are raising kids, and we have nieces and nephews. Of course we care about children. We’re not just sybarites living for “the now,” are we?
But for the sake of argument, let’s say that many of us live for the present and avoid having children. Why should we care about the future?

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by Race Bannon

I've noticed a creeping trend lately when it comes to how some people present their sexualities, kinky or otherwise. This happens mostly online on cruising sites and apps, but it seems to be happening increasingly during face-to-face engagements I've witnessed.

SmorgasbordWhat I've noticed is how remarkably precise and specific some people have become with their stated sexual identities and options. Not only have sexual positions and power dynamic roles often been demarcated, but the erotic options within those structures are listed with no wiggle room for adventure or exploration.

My ex, Guy Baldwin, had a wonderful metaphor he'd use in his presentations and writings about sexuality, kink sexuality in particular, but it pertains to all of sexuality. I've poached this metaphor many times because it's so good.

Guy would liken sexuality to a smorgasbord. While there may be a seemingly endless variety of foods on the table, few people like them all. Nor should they feel compelled to like them all. We can pick and choose those that we like and leave the others for people with different tastes. The goal is to have an enjoyable meal, not to try everything on the table.

Just as with gastronomic tastes, sexual tastes vary. Some like spaghetti and some like egg rolls. Some like both. No choice is better than another. It's all a matter of personal preference.

Plus, we get to choose different foods each time we walk up to the table. How many of us have eaten the same meal every time? Few of us. We like variety in our food. Most of us like variety in our sexuality too.

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