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“And so what if I love each sparkle and each bangle…”

popperstatJune signified Pride month in the United States, and you know I do love me some drag queens, so my Instagram and Facebook feeds have been full up to the brim with images of pride celebrations and notifications of parties coming up etc. It has been a technicolor banner which has really brightened up this frozen little fat bitch as the winter begins to bite.

Now, if there is one thing about me you should know, at my heart, at my very core, I am unicorn rainbow gay. I am showtunes and Liza Minelli gay. And not ashamed of it. You’re not going to get me at 110% every time you meet me, in fact you will likely get it fairly rarely, as I tend to lean towards introvert – but there are days when she is a spinning disco ball and a million fairy lights and it gives me life.

Todrick Hall gave us “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels”, my childhood best friend is starring as the lead in the South African production of Kinky Boots, and there is much to be celebrated!

One of my proudest moments recently, was the night Nina West was eliminated from Drag Race season 11. I fell in love with that stunning soul from moment one and when she sashayed away in that rainbow flag outfit, mama…I was gutted but I gave a standing ovation with tears streaming down my face. I haven’t watched the rest of the season yet to be honest. Congratulations, Yvie. There, I was nice. Meh. (Next month I will discuss reasons why RuPaul won’t be getting a Christmas card from me this year).

In amongst all these amazing posts I kept seeing something popping up, like a fly in April…can’t really understand why it’s there, but it’s not as annoying as a fly was in January. And this little tidbit was about “Straight Pride”. Now… if you know me well, you will know that when I first read about this event, my initial response, out loud, was “F**k all the way off”. What the hell do straight people want a pride parade for? Every damn day is straight Pride!

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By Craig Stadler

Welcome to June 2019. You’ve made it half way through the year which only started five minutes ago…or so it feels like. We have seen elections come and go and I will vent about that in a minute, but as we get ready for the 3 month deep freeze of Winter, how are you doing? How are YOU?

PoseWinter for me is an interesting time. If you believe in all things scientific, you will find that there is a disorder known as SAD, or Seasonal Affect Disorder. This basically states that in the colder months, when there is less sun, the body is not able to produce the same amount of happy making hormones in the body and people tend to feel depression even more.

Now, if you are like me and are already medicated up to the eyeballs for depression and various other colourful and emotional disorders, this is a time of dread, when people like myself generally cocoon and hide and wait for the warmer months. And I don’t like Summer, so it’s a vicious cycle.

2019 for me has been a rollercoaster. New home, new career, new life, new suburb, which have all been brilliant. But it has also brought the end of a promising career, the realization that some close friendships need trimming, financial strain as I try to repair my past financial mistakes and try to assist my mother to live, who is unable to work. My brother’s retrenchment has not helped there, because he is not able to assist anymore, so it causes a general feeling of frustration and helplessness. And of course, just as we thought we had recovered from my mother’s breast cancer and subsequent mastectomy, she has had a stroke and lost a large portion of her eyesight.

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