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Finally love has come along, everything is looking wonderful and the decision is made, let’s move in together. There are few moments as big in a relationship as this will see your two worlds combine and you will be spending a lot more time together whilst sharing a lot of responsibilities. It can be particularly challenging if you are moving into your partner’s current place (or vice versa) as they will already feel settled and it can feel like you are invading their personal space. This is quite a unique challenge to overcome, but there are a few things that the two of you can do to make it easier so that you can start this exciting new chapter on the right foot.HunkRemoval

Discuss Practicalities Beforehand
You may already spend a large amount of time at your partner’s home and help out with certain chores, but it is a lot different when you are both living under the same roof. Before making the move, make sure that you discuss all of the practicalities so that you know what you are doing once the move is complete. This will include things like paying rent and other bills, how often the housework needs doing, where your possessions will go, how you will handle the cooking and shopping etc. You may also want to take this time to talk through any habits, embarrassing problems or anything that inevitably will come out once you are living together 24/7.

Buy New Things Together
In order to avoid it feeling like you are invading their space, or so that you can welcome your partner into the home, it is a good idea to make a few purchases together. This could include artwork, furniture or even something small like cutlery. It is a good opportunity for both of you to take a look at your current possessions and get rid of/donate/sell anything, which you do not need or like as space may be an issue when moving in.

Plan The Move Well In Advance
The key to a smooth move is careful planning. Set a date, make sure that there is enough space cleared in the property for all of your possessions and find the best moving companies in your area. Choosing an experienced removals company will take the stress out of the move and make sure that everything goes smoothly – in many cases, they can do all of the packing, transportation, and unpacking for you.

It is important that you celebrate the move as soon as you are settled. It is a key moment in your relationship and one that you need to mark with a celebration – this could include a date night, having friends round for a few drinks or simply a quiet, romantic evening in your new abode.
This is a huge step in any relationship and, although there may be a few issues to overcome, it can be wonderful to live with your partner and come home to the person that you love every single day. Moving into their current property, or have your partner move into yours, can be more challenging than finding somewhere new, but it is more practical in many cases, and it can be a great idea if you like the property and feel at home there already.

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