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GinaposterAn openly gay stand-up comedian who understands the importance of LGBTQ representation? Welcome to The Relaunch Of Gina!
The Relaunch Of Gina is the debut comedy special by popular Capetonian stand-up comedian Eugene Mathews. For the past eight and a half years Eugene Mathews has been normalising gay content through the medium of stand-up comedy. He tells his stories in a way which allows the funniness to overshadow the shock of a gay man talking about his authentic life experiences.
The show takes a look at the past and present of one of South Africa's most unique and refreshing voices in stand-up comedy. Eugene has been through a lot of life before and during his career as an entertainer; these things are to be spoken about!
“The Relaunch Of Gina is the comedy special where I get to talk about my life as a thirty something gay man facing irrelevance in his community. My interactions with the various characters in my life are so much funnier than it should be. I tend to put myself in weird situations just to have something fresh to talk about at my next gig so there’s that also...”
The comedy special is on at Melville Comedy Club in Melville, Johannesburg on the 29th and 30th of May 2019. Tickets are R120 and are available at

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