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BoerMofRocco Wolman Roberts was his parents first and only child, but he wasn’t. After 6 miscarriages they had given up and adopted 4 children, then Rocco arrived. It was clear from the word go that he was gay, although neither he nor his parents realised it. Somehow he managed to grow up gay in apartheid South Africa, before emigrating to the U.S. Boer Mof is the story of his life, growing up in Pretoria, his move to the US and the massive onslaught of culture-shock, sexual discovery, and critical thinking – It is a constant process of insane experiences, self-evaluation, and seeking to understand his mother. One of the hardest things in life, is to recognize where you fit, and how it helps others to complete their personal journey, and to be happy with yourself.
It’s a great read, nicely paced, full of humour and fun and available right away on Amazon and your Kindle or if you can wait a bit longer order the paperback version.

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