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The Swedish government are concerned about the sex lives of their citizens. Researchers in Sweden have recommend the introduction of more vigorous safety standards for sex toys after looking into the number of cases of people presenting at hospitals because they’ve got a toy stuck in their anus. One hospital has had 73 people with dildos or butt plugs stuck in their anuses seeking assistance over a 7 year period.Sextoys
The report has triggered the Swedish Standards Industry (SIS) to look into the matter and see if more specific guidelines are needed.
“Sex toys are used in the entire world and as far as I know there is no research which can state what is the most common injury. Since these products are used everywhere it is important that the standard now being developed becomes global,” explained Anna Sjögren from SIS .
The study found that 40% of objects needing to be removed were sex toys while the remainder included things like bottles, candles, cans and edible objects and incidents were almost always linked to “sexual pleasure”. A dispropriate number of the patients were male. The median age of patients was 41, but patients ages ranged from 15 through to 92.
While most people just needed assistance removing the objects, a few had to head into surgery to fix the problem. The researchers recommend that sex toys should be manufactured with a safety string or adequate-sized stopper.

It has been stressed that introducing standards would not stop sex toy-related injuries completely, but could reduce the number of incidents and injuries and hopefully save some money used on medical and surgical treatment.
It has also been reported that the government are planning a major study to investigate the sex habits of Swedes. This comes after a recent study conducted by Swedish newspapers suggested that Swedes are having less sex. The last study, which was conducted in 1996, showed that male Swedes have had an average of 7.1 partners, and females 4.6. We have to wonder if we should be planning a journey soon.

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