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MrGayUniverseA new online pageant that is bound to energize the international gay community, inspire a flurry of drag queens and bears but test the mobilization skills of these contestants, is about to be launched globally.

The first Mr Gay Universe 2018 will be determined by how strong his social media following is and how good he is at convincing his followers to vote for him. Everything happens online.

The contest was created with the mind set of giving gay men a different kind of opportunity to be part of a global event. We will allow multiple entries from a country to give more gay men the opportunity to express themselves and be involved in the LGBTQ+ community.

Registrations will soon open and anyone from across the globe can enter. You send in your pictures and enter our various categories that vary from swimsuit, business wear to congeniality. Profiles of the successful entrants is then posted on our website for people to vote. The more votes, the better the chances of winning.

The contest aims to encourage an initiative of change and empowerment for gay men from all walks of life, attracting contestants of just about every part of the world.

This is a platform where strong spirited men from all of the world show us what they have, no matter their shape or size. There is a perception that only straight-acting men can enter contests. With Mr Gay Universe, anyone can enter. Drag queens, bears everyone is welcome as long as you are male.

This initiative is expected to create quite a buzz online with thousands of posts daily on social media.

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