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The latest issue of LOVE magazine hit stores in Britain on Tuesday, 8 January and people were immediately abuzz about its cover, which features famous British footballer David Beckham sporting green eyeshadowbeckhamlove
Many on social media are head over heels in love with the photograph, which features the always-stylish Beckham in a white suit — custom-made by Dior — on a red background.
Inside the issue he discusses his career. “That’s how my career started and that is where I felt most at ease, most confident and happiest,” Beckham tells the magazine about his time spent on the soccer field. “I turned into a totally different person. Once I was on the field I knew that was what I could do best.”
The mag also quotes Beckham as saying, “I was always that kid in the corner that didn’t really say much. I knew that once I was on the field, I was confident. It was all I ever wanted: to be - a professional footballer.”
Since his retirement from the game, David Beckham has been a highly paid brand ambassador, appearing in ads for brands including Samsung and Sprint. He’s also got his own underwear line (which he has also modelled himself) and most recently unveiled the grooming line House 99 by David Beckham, a partnership with L’Oreal.
This soccer star has always been a tastemaker and trendsetter, and this David Beckham eye makeup photo is only the latest instance of him doing what he’s great at.
The latest issue of LOVE magazine, which is part of Condé Nast Britain and which is declared to be its first “moving image issue,” will be on sale in South Africa by the time you read this.


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