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BradPittIt has been reported that a group of guys in Boston is trying to put together some LGBTQ Pride Month counter-programming by organizing a straight-pride parade for later this year. The three dudes in charge, who may just be a bunch of trolls, have made a terrible flag and decided that Brad Pitt is their Straight Pride “mascot” — an honour that Pitt really wants nothing to do with. Reps for Pitt have reached out to the Boston bros in charge and told them to stop using the actor’s name and likeness to promote their “event,” and if they don’t, legal action might be taken.Str8Pride The group’s website is called Super Happy Fun America, and its tagline is “It’s great to be straight,” and while that all seems too stupid to be genuine, it also seems exactly stupid enough, considering the source of the idea.
Latest news is that Str8 Pride has been granted a licence to happen. That will surely not be without incident!

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