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Sending you good vibes on your upcoming holiday. Avoid any unpleasant encounters with these pointers on how to discreetly travel with vibrators and sex toys.
vibratorGetaways are a time to decompress and enjoy a few days of limited responsibilities. You’ll be so relaxed that it’s no wonder you may want a little bit of self-love. A vibrator doesn’t cause heartache unless it runs out of charge at an untimely moment. LGBT+ couples won’t want to miss out on a little extra fun in their hotel bedrooms either as toys can help hit all the right spots. However after a vibrator packed in a stowaway bag was mistaken for an explosive at Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport, travellers have been wary about packing their pleasure trunk when they go galavanting. A vibrator also caused chaos for a passenger trying to get to London from Sudan.
Follow these bits of advice to avoid a similar horror.
First things first, know the local laws on holiday destination, Sex toys aren’t worth being deported or detained in a foreign land while you’re on holiday. At the very least, if you take your adult toy somewhere it’s prohibited, it’ll probably be confiscated. In many Asian countries including the Maldives, India, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and Malaysia there is a strict ban. Do your research to see what’s downright illegal in the place you’re visiting and respect local legislature.
Don’t pack adult toys in checked luggage. Electronics must go in your carry-on and lithium batteries aren’t allowed in the hold. It’s time to buck up and place your pleasure devices in your hand luggage. Packing sex toys in luggage going in the hold could result in the bag being searched and manhandled. If a suitcase starts giving off strong buzzing noises it’ll cause a fiasco as baggage handlers may have to call in the bomb squad just to turn off the shaking toy.
Sex toys can be costly, it’s possible your vibrator may be the most expensive item you packed so you definitely don’t want it to get confiscated. Imagine if your bag gets lost? Your holiday wouldn’t have a happy start, let alone a happy ending.

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