Top 8 Big Brother Mzansi cast member Ukho Samela affectionately known as “Sis Tamara” stars in a new independent LGBTQIA short film created by writer Anathi Siyingu.  “Sis Tamara” had signed up for the movie before his Big Brother Mzansi journey. Staring alongside him is upcoming actor Gustaph Mokaba Nkgweng who shares equal shining moments in the film as Ukho.


Directed by creator/writer Anathi Siyungu and produced by Louie-Vincent Office, the film is an independent LGBTQ+ production that explores a story about two guys who meet in the park and decide to have a “blunt session”. The session leads them into finding out new information about each other and other interesting things. When asked about the film the production pair explained that “The film is necessary to the growth and visibility of the community. This story is very different from the current films that explore sexuality, be it internationally or locally. It is a real-life depiction of events that film makers tend to shy from for either personal reasons or otherwise. We are very proud of this project, and we hope to do more work that can add to this new journey for us


While initially the project was set to be a series the decision to make it a short film was presented, and the team saw this as the best route due to many factors after auditions. “Sis Tamara” recalls the audition process as very comfortable and easy going by saying “The creators allowed me to perform something that I felt comfortable with in during the audition process. I usually am not the audition type due to how I get nervous and a bit scared, but the crew made me feel so comfortable and seen”. Adding to the comment Gustaph says “I found the audition challenging. I am someone who did Drama Theatre and catching up and adapting to the role was a bit of a drag


When asked about his involvement in the project “Sis Tamara” says, “This project is necessary because it is an all-queer project from the crew to the actors and that’s something I care about when picking projects to feature in.”. Gustaph adds to this sentiment and says, “Working with Ukho was amazing, he is a talented and hard-working individual and he deserves all the recognition he gets from those qualities he poses.” 


The film is set to premiered on this April 2022 and was accompanied by a premiere party and various media activities.


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