Privacy Statement

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  1. Definitions
  • EXIT is the monthly newspaper produced by EXIT Publications for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) community, and its Website
  • Our clients are those businesses, organisations and other enterprises and individuals that choose to place advertisements in the newspaper
  • “Publisher” means EXIT, or its successors or assigns
  • “Publication” means the EXIT newspaper, or any other written publication published and supplied by Publisher
  • “Advert” means a printed advertisement supplied by Client for print in the Publication or an equivalent advertisement on the Publisher’s Website
  • “Publication date/s” means the respective dates that the Publication is printed and released for distribution or displayed on the Publisher’s Website
  • Reference tothe singular includes the plural; natural persons includes legal persons; and gender includes the other gender
  • This agreement will commence on the date that the Client signs the booking form and thus places an order for an Advert, and shall endure until all Adverts have been placed according to the option chosen by Client
  1. Fees
  • Client will pay Publisher a deposit in the amount agreed upon with Publisher at the time of placing an order and the and the balance of the fees within thirty days after the Invoicing Date for that issue’s advert
  • Where Client requires Adverts to appear in more than one Publication, fees shallbepayable pro-rata thirty daysafter the Invoicing Date of each Advert
  • Should it be deemed by Publisher that any of the following are necessary, the Client shall reimbursePublisherfor any expenses incurred in preparing the Advert for print,including any artwork, graphic design, photography,or copy
  • All fees quoted exclude VAT or agency commissions (where applicable), and are payable free of exchange, set off, counterclaim orbank charges
  • Cancellations after contract date incur a 50% cancellation fee; and after the materialdeadline incur a 100%cancellation fee
  • Fees are subject to change in the event of any change in the Advert, including size,colour or frequency
  • Outstanding amounts not paid within 30 days after the Invoicing Date will attract a penalty of 2.5% per month
  • Discounts quoted will only apply if payment is received within 30 days of InvoicingDate,full advertising rateswill apply thereafter
  • Client will be liable for any and all claims or damages, including legal costs incurred due to failure to pay and in collecting outstanding fees on anattorney and ownclient scale
  • Publisher may suspend the printing of any Advert in the event that any amounts are outstanding
  1. Obligations
  • Publisher will print the Advert in the Publication on the agreed Publication date/s
  • The client will provide the final, ready-to-print or publish Advert, in colour and in the format required by Publishernolater than two days before Publisher’s material deadline, on CD to Publisher’s office, or via email to
  • If Publisher effects any change to the Advert in preparation for print or publishing, Publisher will provide a proof. The client is required to approve such proof within 48 hours of receipt
  • While Publisher will endeavour to print or publish Adverts in the required format on the agreed publication Dates,Client understands that delays and errors may affect colour,content, positioning or Publication Dates. If an advert is materially impacted by error or delay, Publisher will reprint the Advert in a future Publication, this being the Client’s sole remedy against Publisher
  • Written notice of material error must be furnished by Client within 10 days of PublicationDate.Only significant or material errors will result in a reprint or re-publishing
  • Client warrants its entitlement to the Adverts and all related intellectual property, including copyright and trademarks
  1. Breach
    • If either party breaches this agreement and fails to remedy such breach within ten days after written notice from the aggrieved party, the aggrieved party may either claim specific performance or cancel this agreement and recover damages
  1. General
    • The parties choose as the address at which they will accept communications their respective physical addresses documented herein
    • Publisher will not be responsible to the Client for any consequential losses, loss of profit or special damages. This document represents the whole agreement and no variation hereof, representations or warranties will be of any effect unless in writing and signed by the parties


The editor reserves the right to edit or reject contributions if necessary. Opinions expressed by contributors to EXIT do not necessarily represent the opinion of the editor or publisher. Publication of the name or photograph of any person or organisation or establishment in EXIT should not be regarded as an indication of the sexual orientation of such persons or members of such organisations or owners or patrons of such businesses.No responsibility can be assumed for unsolicited materials, and submission is construed as permission to publish without further correspondence. Advertisers are advised that all copy and images supplied are their responsibility under the Trade Protection Act

Limitations on Advertisements

We reserve the right to reject advertisements which contain pornographic, slanderous or otherwise offensive or libellous content.We publish advertisements for clients under the following conditions:Cost, size, position and repetition of the client’s advertisement will be established in the Booking Form.All prices quoted exclude VAT


Artwork should be delivered to us timeously. The quality of the artwork and its delivery it to us in the correct size and format is the responsibility of Advertiser. Ideally, the artwork will be supplied by clients in accordance with guidelines in our Booking Form, but we are able to make up adverts on behalf of clients. If there are specific images or words or fonts required these must be supplied by the client. Images supplied must be in a suitable format and resolution. The finished advert must be approved by the client, before publication. The cost of the make-up of advertisements will be separately charged for


While every effort is made to ensure that the printed advert appears as agreed, we can not be held liable for final print quality. Should such a problem occur during the printing, however, we would offer the advertiser their next advertisement at a reduced rate


The newspaper is published monthly and is printed and distributed towards the end of a month for the next month. The Website is updated constantly deadlines for the submission of advertisements and content in the newspaper are always around the middle of a month for the next month. We publish the exact date of our next deadline with every issue

Payment for Advertisements Placed in EXIT

By signing a booking form to place advertising in EXIT, or by submitting an advertisement for publication in EXIT, clients are accepting these Terms & Conditions which can be viewed on the EXITWebsite or emailed to clients upon request. Unless otherwise negotiated and agreed via the booking form, payment is due on submission, or acceptance, of artwork.EXIT reserves the right to charge a penalty fee for late payment, which will be at the current prime overdraft interest rate.


Please not that you must be of the appropriate age to surf our Website. Also, you are required to have the necessary cybersecurity protection when surfing our Website. You indemnify and hold EXIT Newspaper harmless against any losses, damages or harm resulting from surfing our Website and using details from our Website, including any losses and/or damages related to personal information shared on our Website or with people you meet through our Website and/or through any interactions with anyone that you meet through our Website