How To Advertise

Submitting an Advert

You can submit your advert in one of two ways:

  1. Contact us by phone (WhatsApp or Call) on +27 79 81463 68 or email
  2. Register on the Home Page: Click on the link “create an account” and follow the instructions. Once you are registered, use your credentials to log on to the site. You will see that you will now see “Profile” as a new menu item. “Create an Advert/Article” is in the drop-down menu. Provide details of your advert. Please use plain text – do not copy and paste. If you can, attach copyright free or own images you want to display and related details such as colour and size, if you can’t attach images, send them by email to You will be contacted once your submission is received before it can be approved. By submitting your article you warrant that you have not infringed upon any third party intellectual property rights and as such you indemnity the EXITNewspaper, its directors and staff of any claims or damages in this regard.