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Therapy 22 – for serious clubbers #therapy22

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A Birthday Reunion Celebration showcasing the Past, Present and Future of Therapy’s Clubbing Culture

 If you have relapsed into dance deprivation depression since our last Sextravaganza, do not despair! An adult double dose of what you need is on its way...

Join us for OUR 22ND BIRTHDAY, a night of orgasmic proportions, as we bring you unrivalled party pleasure with the usual flair for the exceptional that Therapy is renowned for, in a celebration of music, glamour, and above all else, the love of a good time.Therapy22

Fight the commercial contamination, with a lovingly created soundtrack for your aural pleasure, brought to you by an upper echelon dj line up, in our naughty party playground created especially for you to just be yourself.

Therapy will be unleashing it’s unapologetic “party fluffers”, who will appear when least expected but always when required, in the manifestation of gender illusionists and hot, shimmering, complexioned beings of penetration and reception, into an atmosphere carefully crafted and charged up to be as far removed from family values as imaginable.

Our new venue of choice is the sexy “RoomFour” in Midrand (Truth Nightclub Complex), and with this being the first Therapy party at the venue we have no doubt they will pull out all the stops on this special night. RoomFour was recently revamped, reloaded and recharged, with state of the art sound, lighting and furnishings, and boasts extensive outdoor areas and secure parking

Therapy was part of the birth of a new house music scene, and is very proud to be part of this culture in the past, present and future.

A large part of gay liberation was born on the dance floor. It gave gay people the freedom to express and be who they are. On these dance floors a new sound was born, namely DISCO, and with it countless gay artists changed the world from Sylvester, Patrick Cowley, Walter Ribbons, and Larry Levan to name but a few. This set the blueprint for the ever evolving “gay sound”. Disco morphed into Hi NRG, then HOUSE, which set the standard for the sounds of today. The gay dance floor is legendary and countless nations gather there to experience a sound and atmosphere they do not get anywhere else. There is also a strong spiritual quality when the sound connects with an ever eager audience…

Therapy has always been known to deliver something special, and so in true Therapy style we are upping our game as after all it's our 22nd birthday!

To celebrate this uniqueness Therapy is blending legendary DJ’s with new league DJ’s to create a brand new experience that will be talked about for years to come.

“As an avid obsessive music collector for as long as I can remember, the Therapy albums were always a huge part of my pursuit. Being able to, all these years later, be placed on the lineup of a Therapy event is no doubt a massive highlight of my journey as a DJ. Regardless of the brand itself - being trusted to soundtrack an hour of a night that is renowned for the highest of quality, is truly an honour”, says young Dj star Kyle Worde, while legend Ricardo Da Costa says “Therapy is not just a clubbing brand, it’s a music institute! For a big part of my career, I wanted to be a part of the movement, at no other place can you experience uplifting vocal house music, to get down dirty underground beats!”

So come and witness and be part of the ever evolving Therapy Clubbing evolution on Friday 9 November 2018
Room Four @ Truth Nightclub. Old Pretoria Road, Midrand, Johannesburg, Gauteng.
26.0041° S, 28.1240° E

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Alexander Bar & Café, Kaapstad | 22 – 27 Oktober 2018 om 19:00
Drostdy Teater, Stellenbosch | 2 November 2018 om 20:15
Drama Factory, Somerset-Wes | 10 November 2018 om 19:00Fallie

Bo en behalwe die feit dat “Die Konings” die nuutste en hotste ding in die Afrikaanse musiek-industrie is, is hulle boonop besonders talentvol daarby (of so glo hulle). Met treffers soos “onder by die whiskey bar”, “skud daai tossel” en “wys my” het Die Konings besluit om die land plat te toer met hulle eerste full blown show “Die Konings”. Bel maar solank vir Ouma en vra of sy die kinders sal babysit, want een ding is seker – liedjies soos “jou lekker tjops maak my honger pops” móét jy eenvoudig live sien.
Op ʼn minder ernstige noot: “Die Konings” is ʼn werkswinkel kabaret wat trek uit die tradisies van drag kings, satire en improvisasie-komedie. Anoecha Krüger, Marelize Viljoen en Elisha Zeeman gebruik hulle manlike alter-ego’s om ʼn skreeusnaakse satire te skep uit seks, geloof, politiek, en alles tussen in. Omdat die gehoor se bydra so belangrik is beloof elke optrede om ʼn unieke ervaring te wees. Die teks is deur Louis Roux (in samewerking met die geselskap) saamgestel. Musiek deur Talíta Beyl en die regie word deur Andrico Goosen behartig.

Kaartjie pryse wissel tussen R100 en R120. Bespreek kaartjies by afsonderlike teaters deur die teaters se webtuistes: of of

The Importance of Oscar Wilde

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It's still important to be Earnest – we should all see Oscar Wilde's plays, and read his books. We can learn so much about the fight for LGBTI rights now, from queer stories that tell our history
Anti LGBT discrimination has destroyed many people over the years; most would be people like you and me who are unimportant and unheard of. There are a few who were very high profile and one of these is Oscar Wilde. The story is pretty well known by now as there have been several books and movies about him. What is not well known is how the story comes to an end. Wilde left London after his release from prison in 1897 and went to live in Paris until his death in 1900. A new film by Rupert Everett is now bringing those final years to light. Unfortunately we do not yet know when the movie ill be released in South Africa.
Jamie Wareham went to see his play The Importance of being Earnest, and shares some thoughts that arose from it.RupertEverettasOscar
The Importance of Being Earnest, now on stage at the Vaudeville Theatre in London, is one of Oscar Wilde’s most enduring pieces of work. His stories are back in the limelight thanks to the recent Rupert Everett biopic of his life. But seeing Earnest was particularly poignant considering the queer undertones were suppressed at the time his work was published. Wilde would later go on to be shunned and prosecuted for his sexuality, despite being a celebrated writer. The play left me walking out with a renewed sense of why it’s so important to reflect back on queer history – and historical LGBTI authors work.
Speaking to Simon Stewart, Founder & Director of All or Nothing Repertory Theatre Company, he tells me it’s one of Wilde’s most enduring plays because of its simple absurdity:
‘It is a parody of the ridiculousness of life that is still allowing audiences to laugh at reflections of themselves.
‘Earnest is a play all about realizing who you are and celebrating being the truest version of yourself.’
The story follows Jack Worthing who begins the play not knowing his true history. But he does know who he loves, and he is determined that they should be married.
‘He would move mountains to make this loving relationship a reality. And he thinks that he must change who he is to fit in that world.’
And here comes the full queer undertone:
‘However, it turns out that he need only have been himself the entire time, something I think a lot of queer people can relate to.’
Walking out of the fab performance, I was left with a reminder of the importance of knowing our history.

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Poppers may soon be as illegal as heroin in Australia

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A recommendation to outlaw amyl nitrite – poppers – has left Australia’s LGBTI community in uproar.
The Therapeutic Goods Adminstration (TGA) published an interim decision to ban poppers on 14 September. It recommended to move nitrite inhalants onto Schedule 9 of the Poisons Standard – the same schedule as heroin.Poppers
Poppers are inhaled for either recreational drug purposes or more popularly in the LGBTI community to enhance sex.
It may soon be illegal to sell, possess, use or administer poppers, with the punishment dependent on individual state laws.
In its ruling the TGA recommended the ban because the ‘misuse and abuse’ of poppers is more widespread in ‘particular sections of the community’.
‘There is a high potential for misuse and abuse of amyl nitrites for euphoric properties, and as sex aids due to their muscle relaxant properties,’ the decision read.
The TGA also wanted to ban poppers because Australian ophthalmologists have reported an increase in cases of maculopathies (retinal damage). Poppers allegedly caused these cases.
The LGBTI community are the main users of poppers, but a 2015 study revealed a 21% jump of use among the general population in Australia. In its decision the TGA cited cited that increase as a reason to ban poppers.
‘The TGA are completely ignoring the queer experience of poppers and don’t give a shit about us, so yeah the straights are ruining it for us but the TGA also couldn’t care less about us,’ one advocate said.
‘This decision, if successful, will criminalise most instances of gay sex and will disproportionately affect the LGBTIQ community that has so long relied on amyl/poppers to enjoy receptive sex comfortably,’ he said.
‘We are adults that engage in consensual sex within the privacy of our own homes and the government has absolutely no place to tell us we’re criminals in doing so.’

Johannesburg Pride 2018

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Everyone’s favorite event, and certainly one of the biggest highlights on the LGBTQI+Me communities’ calendar is Johannesburg Pride, and we are excited to share an exciting new addition to this year’s event.JoburgPride

Johannesburg Pride have partnered with OUTtv SA this year and in a bold move have extended pride day to run for 4 days – say hello to Pride Week!

The Johannesburg Pride Festival will now run from the 25th October to the 28th October and will kick off in typical Pride fashion with a GayPride Month Launch Party and Fashion show on the 6th of October starting at 15h00.

OUTtv SA have secured a pop channel on DStv channel 198 from the 4th October to the 4th November 2018 and are looking forward to this partnership greatly. Although there have been some issues around Multichoice in the past, we are very positive about the partnership following engaging talks and we urge the community to support OUTtv SA as this is courageous step for broadcasting content in Africa.

Johannesburg Pride and OUTtv SA are already engaged in exciting discussions around local programming so watch this space!

“The success of this month could culminate into a permanent dedicated channel for OUTtv SA on the Multichoice platform which would mean a massive step forward for our community, so let’s make it one to remember,”  says Johannesburg Pride Chair Kaye Ally

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