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Beyoncé’s superhero themed track has an unforgettable chorus: “Who’s there to save the hero after she saves world? When she is left all alone, and she is crying out for help.” One of my favourite TV series I loved watching as a teen with my siblings is Heroes (2007-2010) and its concept was: “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” 

It was an exciting time in my life and I never thought in a million years I would study filmmaking years later, and learn the nitty gritties of creating superheroes from scratch. Heroes was one of the series that always inspired me to conceptualise mind-blowing superhero fantasy genre, and they are all glazed with queerness. I long to bring them to life and it haunts me that I have to mirror the character arcs (also known as embarking the heroes’ journey) so that I attain that goal. 

My superhero name is Katy Wings also known as Kat Abundance (yeah, inspired by Elektra Abundance of Pose portrayed by Dominque Jackson)! I certainly belong to the House of Abundance and I get along with Evangelistas in our forever league. I have not really thought of my costume you see? It is a work-in-progress and Kat Abundance is still finding her place in the universe so that Katy Wings can soar like an Eagle-Angel. So Katy Wings is human, and Kat Abundance is a superhero. 

Kat Abundance has supernatural powers: think Xena, a mix of Super Saiyan Goku, Sello K. Duiker, Gobela vibes, Sanusi gifts and a whole lot of angel energy with big white dove-like wings. Katy Wings is an amazing creative and compassionate being but has a lot of drama: He has an addictive personality and he is not grounded. That is the dark side of Katy Wings but that does not stop him to change his behaviour, and tries by all means to channel Kat Abundance to possess him at times. He has done the work but needs to let go of old habits, Kat Abundance is ready to assist him to become the best version of himself.

Kat Abundance on the other hand has a tendency to overwork and over give, making her life miserable on the other side. Kat Abundance is also working with good archangels to help her reach out to Katy Wings and give some of her superpowers to him so that she cannot be that lonely. She needs someone’s shoulder to lean on “after she saves the world,” like Beyoncé laments. Superheroes are not perfect but their goals, auras, personalities and powers are- much like yours and mine. 

Our incredible multi-talented Mon-D Motadi is branded as The Queer Superhero, and they will be releasing their debut album titled Queer Dreams this month. Listen to Mon-D’s upbeat single from the project called Chomie ke Mmao. I literally saw a queer superhero during the cover photo-shoot, and we managed to reflect on the journey of being a creative: that is sometimes equivalent to being a heroine because it is either a fight or flight plot because there are people wanting to connect with your message/ gift. It is either now or never.

Mon-D Motadi is certainly carving the path for LBGTQIA+ people to not be afraid to share their musical gifts with the world for generations to come. The Queer Superhero is saying to us that it is okay to be you, and never be ashamed to pursue what you need to because they are there to inspire us.

We have themed the April/May 2023 issue: Queer Superheroes in all their shades, hues and tints/kinks. What is your superhero name and special superpower? You are welcome to tag and share with me @BashitwaFilm on Twitter. 

May you fly freely in your flight to your heart’s greatest desires, and may your superhero cape touch those who need you however and whenever.

Keep rocking, keep spreading the love.


Katlego Kganyago



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