Born from humble beginnings, Bulge and Bum has fledged into a bold brand synonymous with proudly South African, high-quality men’s underwear.


At Bulge and Bum we design unique men’s underwear that takes opening your underwear drawer in the morning from a ritual to an adventure. Our Passionate Brand Creators Hannes and Kobus know how important it is to have your best bits looking and feeling as good as you do. With a focus on superior comfort, Bulge & Bum are designed for freedom of movement with soft fabrics and innovative waistbands that reduce chafing in sensitive areas. The founders also believe style shouldn’t be sacrificed for comfort, which is why they created their signature line of print underwear in bold colours, including an entire range dedicated to Pride, and their latest Superhero Range – so no one has to sacrifice style because he cares about his own comfort!


In just under two years, Bulge and Bum has already secured deals with the Mr Gay World South Africa and Mr. World South Africa brands as their official swimwear partner – a feat that most companies would kill for in this day of Instagram-fuelled fame culture.


Our garments are made from recycled Yori which is a fabric that’s 100% post-consumer, and we use Repreve Recycled Polyester because it has natural moisture-wicking properties so you can wear your clothes for hours without feeling sweaty or sticky. The elasticity of this material is also very good with high colour fastness values to maintain its vibrancy over time. You’ll never have an issue being outdoors in the sun while wearing our clothing due to UV protection qualities as well!


Our newly launched affiliate program allows any of our happy customers to start earning money by referring new clients. This is an aspect of the business that we love because so many people lost their jobs and income during the pandemic, but with this program, they can earn or supplement it again.


The world is changing. How we view what’s socially acceptable around the office, in public and at home has changed drastically over the past few years – but one thing remains constant: underwear. Who wears it, who doesn’t wear it or how they choose to style theirs just isn’t something that most people talk about openly anymore; which leaves many men feeling awkward when going shopping for their first pair of briefs because no matter where you go there are never any options for “bigger guys”. Well, we want to change all of those preconceptions by not only making different styles available but also offering them up on various sizes so every man can feel comfortable enough in his skin to proudly wear whatever he wants.


All our products are available online at www.bulgeandbum.com 


We have also expanded our brand to include women’s underwear, which will soon be launching too, look out for boobsandbum.com in the near future

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