Blessed Dlamini is a model and also a social media influencer, who is currently based in Johannesburg.

He started out his media career back in 2017 whilst he was still doing his first year in the university of Johannesburg, that’s when his passion for media was cultivated and from that first time, he never stopped working hard to build up his name as a brand 

Blessed has been on quite a few television shows such as Geleza Nathi and YOTV, before he was a social media influencer back in 2016 

Throughout his growth as a Model and a brand advocate, he has managed to work with some well-known brands such as Converse where he was appointed as one of the global Converse influencers and also appeared on the Standard Bank advert which was aired on SABC 3. 

Being an influencer has helped Blessed to gain a lot of recognition through his work. Currently Blessed is working as an ambassador for prep in partnership with Engage Men’s Health Clinic, where he educates people about sexual health and how to keep safe and practice safe sex all the time, not only that but he has brought more than 100 new clients into service with Engage men’s health clinic through the programme called Enhanced peer outreach approach.

At 23 through his modelling career and influencer status he managed to buy his own house. This, he did after saving for many years while he was at varsity. For Blessed, it is actually a good feeling to own a house at such a young age. It gave him the platform to be ahead of time and always think about the future. Asked on how important this is to him Blessed said “Its important for everyone regardless of age to own property as it is such a great investment.”

In 2019 Blessed won the fashion icon award at the Joburg 011 Awards.

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