Written by Gerard Rissik

BMW’s new 4 series coupes were recently launched and of course one of the most commented on
features has little to do with the car’s dynamic abilities and performance. We are of course talking
about the oversized kidney grille, it has to be large to allow sufficient airflow through the radiator.
The new 4 series is of course based on the 4 door 3 series and as such shares everything that its
sibling does, but in a slightly slimmer and sexier body. The crowning glory is the M4 Competition.
You will want it because it screams success at the top of its voice, no, you will want it because it is a
really fine automobile it is well balanced and equally at home as a daily driver, but when the time
comes that you need or want to move quickly it is more than capable of doing so. Look here, BMW
have given the M4 a twin turbocharged straight 6 motor which produces 375kW and 650Nm of
torque which drives the rear wheels through an 8 speed steptronic gearbox and an active M
differential. This car takes just 3,9 seconds to reach 100 kph and will just keep going. BMW tell us
that later this year it will be available in all wheel drive. BMW tell us that you don’t need to worry
too much about our rising fuel prices, the M4 will sip just 9.6 l of fuel for every 100km you drive (of
course this number can and will vary depending on a multitude of factors).

Just to tell you about a few of its fabulous features: We spoke about the twin Turbo, the engine also
has double VANOS as well as valvetronic and high precision fuel injection. The 8 gearbox offers
modes, Automatic, manual or Sports modes. The M Sport Diff makes sure that you have traction on
all surfaces and takes care of stability as well. Variable Sport Steering makes sure that the car goes
where you are pointing it and assists you when needed to make all manoeuvring safer and easier. 4
piston calipers on the front and single piston on the rear wheels make sure the M4 will stop when

On the inside you are not going to notice much difference from the 3 series beside the slightly
lowered roof and marginally smaller boot, but don’t let that worry you there is enough space for
you, BAE and your travel bags or shopping. Pop down to your local BMW dealer or visit the BMW
website where you can go through all the specs and even place your order.

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