The funeral home is an important part of any community. In addition to providing a variety of necessary services to the community such as burial services, cremation services, memorial services and celebrations of life, funeral homes also serve as resources for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

When it comes time to make the decision regarding the funeral home you will trust to care for a loved one or to take care of your pre-planning arrangements, we offer the following information about our company. we specialize in creating beautiful, affordable cremation and funeral ceremonies.

Our caring, attentive service forms the foundation of our business and will always be of paramount importance. Arranging and carrying out a funeral that best helps families cope and assists with the adjustments that must be made, is of vital importance. Very high standards are maintained resulting in a reputation for funeral excellence. El Funeral Services – Celebration of Life prides itself on being a caring and compassionate, independently owned and operated business providing a mainstream Gold Standard of Funeral Care to all, and including the LGBT+ community.

We are really excited and feel privileged to be working in partnership with EXIT to server our community, and to be able to offer our unique services, which are totally bespoke to each and every family when it comes to arranging a funeral, or a celebration of life service. We offer a 24/7 – 365 days a year service at competitive prices.

Although of course many funeral directors arrange funerals for the LGBT community, we are different, we are a proudly gay owned independent funeral home that understand the needs and emotions of our community. Nothing is too much for us, we’ll help you plan, advise you, as well we’ll be there to support you during this difficult and emotional time.

We will ease the emotional stress of arranging a funeral, by completing all the necessary paperwork and registering the death as well as taking care of all the arrangements including flowers, catering, programs, headstone as well as family vehicles should you wish us too.

We have a wide range of Funeral Packages and options for coffins and caskets that suites all budgets, we can even provide coffins designed in the gay flag colours, plus many other designs that reflects the life of your loved one, in fact nothing is unachievable.

Our mission is to deliver outstanding customer service delivered with compassion, care, empathy, respect and the ability to handle all of the arrangements for our clients enabling us to providing a truly seamless, supportive and understanding services to families at their most venerable time.

Contact us on info@exit.co.za or 079-814-6368 for a discount on funeral cover
























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