By Kholeka Skosana 

If there’s one thing that keeps my soul as healthy as my body, it’s music. The soul as much as the body craves certain things, and should you not provide them, it will become unsatisfied, causing you to become discontent. Books satisfy my mind, food my body and music, my soul. Nothing speaks to my soul like music.

Sunday dinners are the closest thing I can compare music to, hearty and filling. It not only nourishes my soul, but it also keeps it at ease. I first fell in love with music when I barely understood what was being said; now, the notes and words fill my soul. Note by note, lyric by lyric, my soul is full, with each song feeling like a love letter to my soul.

 Music helps reawaken emotions buried deep inside the depths of my soul, it’s a vibration that resonates with the inner you; peace, contentment, tranquillity, and happiness are all attributes that music evokes, and they are attributes that all souls crave. Also, Introspection is done through music, and it is through this that I realize how important my feelings and hidden emotions are. 

Music is inviting and welcoming, allowing you to meet yourself in different states and making you fall in love with all of them, I become lost in its magical powers, in the instant sensation of connection it creates between me and my soul. It is more like having that one friend that understands you in the craziest way, forever there in good times and bad times, happy moments and sad moments. Music truly feels like a never-ending love story. One that is between itself and my soul.

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