Written by Katlego Kganyago


It gives me so much pride that I am the Co-Editor-In-Chief for the 7th Edition of EXIT Newspaper 2022- with the incredibly talented Muneyi on the cover. They say “lucky number 7.” Muneyi means gift in TshiVenda and I thank God, Ancestors and the Universe for precious gifts that are presented to me. I have been seeing angel numbers recently and my passion for numerology (study of numbers and their significance), as well as astrology grew instantly. The number 07 is known as the holy number of Earth’s/ multiverse’s creation (according to the Bible and world mythology). In fortune-telling, 777 means luck of money (the jackpot), rocking romance (love) and abundance of wealth. The number 07 in African cosmology governs the universal spirits for one to experience Nirvana or spiritual bliss, as Baba Credo Mutwa teaches us in his incredible anthologies of Kemet or universalism. 

I have been on several spiritual sabbaticals during my life’s challenging seasons. I have learnt a lot about myself and the meaning of love. I will therefore explain the 7 reasons why you should believe in love. Reason 1: Spiritual guides are around us to protect and show love. For every journey we embark on, there will always be a mentor who comes in a different form and they are full of unconditional love. However, no one is perfect. For others it is just intuition and meditation, which lead to finding answers for the next direction to take. I read a poster saying that the reason we see angel numbers is that our guides (angels) are forbidden by the Higher God to come on Earth, and the least they could do is to send signals as a way of validation that we are on the right track. 

The second reason is emphasised by RuPaul on Drag Race, right at the end of every episode: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the Hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an Amen?” As I type this, it is already 06:06pm, on the 06TH month on the 06th Day.  I also learnt that my life path number is 06: which symbolises the heart, the sun, harmony and love (as stated by numerologist Nikita Banerjee of Times of India (2019). In spirituality, nothing is a coincidence. Self-love is the greatest form of love. One of my many spirit mentors whom I found online, Kathy LaDonna likes saying: “Love yourself as if the world depends on it, because it does.”  Self-love is realising that your past traumas, disappointments and losses are nothing but a stepping stone to owning your truth and strength. We should not let those harsh but soul-building experiences to define our present and future. 

The third reason to believe in love is that it brings you closer to your destiny. Those little yet profound things you love, no matter how frivolous they are, contribute to your destiny or line of work you should pursue. It is mentioned in the book of Proverbs that “you should seek your heart’s greatest desires and that is where your treasures are.” The fourth reason to believe in love is that love is forgiveness. My big sister said to me in a random conversation over the weekend: “True love and long-lasting fulfilling friendships are about forgiveness.” To sum it up Jesus says we must forgive “not even seven times, but seventy-seven times” (Matthew 18:22). 

The fifth reason to believe in love is that it is a reflection. Love is never perfect, and when we take breaks in between observing how we give love and receive love, and also how to become better lovers- requires in-depth reflections. Love is fragile and some like to say, “Love is an abstract noun.” Love is an everyday need and we should never be tired to show and give love. The sixth reason to believe in love is that love changes you for the better. All your weaknesses and feelings of inadequateness can disappear because of love taking over. Love changes ordinary to extraordinary. That is why spiritualists say that love is the highest frequency, and it conquers all. Let us not be afraid to give love, even to strangers around you. For kindness does not go unnoticed. 

The seventh and final reason to believe in love is that love revives you. When you feel defeated or victorious, love will always renew you to see the world differently. Love makes you learn new things and not be afraid of what the future might hold. Love is endless and it is kind. I will leave it with church again: “There are three things that will endure; faith, hope, and love- and the greatest of these is love.” – 1st Corinthians 13:13 

*One amazing fact: the word count on this article before editing was exactly 777. I wish you lots of luck in money/ business/ career, love and health.

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