The foundation of dating needs to be broken down into 3 phases basically: 

1st Phase – Meet and greet in person. It is essential to reunite with the actual person you have met briefly at a club, work event, family gathering and dating apps.

2nd Phase – The parties decide if they are willing to see each other again, i.e. go on an actual first date. This phase is quite crucial because this is where you’ll actually determine if you guys are compatible or not. Lay your cards on the table and see if you are willing to sign up or not.

3rd Phase – The go ahead stage. This is where you guys will be exclusive and know exactly if you are boyfriend and boyfriend, or girlfriend and girlfriend. Get to know each other more and ultimately build a relationship. 


Pointers For Dating In 2022

  1. Don’t go all out for a person who is not willing to go all out for you.
  2. Be cool and understanding; it’s so important. 
  3. Don’t be too bossy and too pushy… or you’ll end up alienating your potential date/partner. 
  4. Always be cute. Be a gentleman, be considerate and be kind.
  5. Let your potential date know the real you.
  6. Don’t be someone that you are not. Be you.
  7. Try not to go for looks most of the time. It is actually about connection, more than anything else. 
  8. Search for the true character of a person, because the actual looks of a person bring nothing to the table.
  9. Let your gut feeling guide you into sensing the type of a person he/she is.
  10. Try and look beyond the material things/possessions. 
  11. Find a person who sees the good in you – that special someone who believes in your potential. 
  12. Look for someone who wants to build with you, and sees beyond the fun times that they are experiencing with you currently. 
  13. Be open to your person’s ideas and future prospects. 
  14. Go in with an open mind, just let it flow and be yourself. 
  15. Enjoy the day/date with your potential partner. 
  16. Sustain/keep the same energy you used to woo them, as the dating develops into a relationship. 
  17. Explore and try to spice up the dates with different, fun and interesting adventures. 
  18. Hope for the best and constantly work on it.
  19. Realise that you are an individual before you are that person’s significant other. 
  20. Communicate, be able to express yourself. 
  21. Be patient with your date, they are human after all.

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