Written by Rudolph Bessit


Hello and welcome to February my sweedies.


February… February and January looking and sounding very much alike, but they’re not. Oh no, they’re not! Out of the 12 months there are some with 30 days and others with 31, and then there’s February. Not only is it the only month with under 30 days, but at times she serves us 29 days and other times 28 and she does so unapologetically.


Regardless of how confusing it may be to some of us… Regardless of how unfair it may seem for others… Regardless of how wrong she may seem to others. She may seem unbalanced, confused, dramatic, or full of ish to some, but year after year after year February comes and delivers us her awesome uniqueness like no other month ever could, without anyone’s approval.


She does not change her ways to make some of us a little more comfortable with who she is. She doesn’t shy away or hide her outstanding awesomeness so that someone could understand her better… She leaves it up to those who don’t fully understand her, to figure themselves out around her, in their own capacity, at their own time and speed. Even those who are born on her 29th day, shem.


On top of everything, she’s also known as the month of love. She may be the shortest month of the year, she may seem like a lot of drama and things, but she represents the most power tool available to us Earthlings: LOVE. She always has and she always will, regardless of what any of us think of her and or her ways.


Let’s spend this month showing some love to ourselves and those around us. Let’s show compassion and kindness unto others. Let’s take a lesson from February to embrace, love and stand by our uniqueness and truth. Let’s copy her boldness to be exactly who we are… 


Sending you lots of Ru-lovE and happiness for the month of February which also happens to be the month during which I’d be celebrating my 40th birthday, nanana!


Pssssst: Congratulations in advance to those of y’all who’d be getting engaged and those surprise weddings this month. Lots of blessings and love to your unity.


Tot volgende keer…


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