It is the beginning of June, the Global Pride month. We should be celebrating life and diversity, but we are sad. Very sad because in the midst of hard Covid19 lockdown life we are in death, again, two deaths.

Again, another dear member of the Queer community, Aubrey Boshoga was brutally murdered in the early hours of the morning on Saturday 29th May, stabbed 9 times and his lifeless body was dumped outside his gate. Aubrey had a life ahead of him, he was a flight attendant, a talented artist and a socialite.



We have also learnt of the sudden death of Mpilo Camba who is yet another member of the Queer community, we do not have details of the circumstances surrounding his untimely death.

This is a call, not only out of necessity but out of desperation and urgency. The past few months, if not a year already, we have been lamenting the scourge of violence and killings of our community members. We, as a community have said and done everything in power to stop this scourge. We are speechless now. Our voices are being ignored. What more can we do? How long can we wait to be heard, how much longer?

It is up to our government and the powers-that-be to act and act swiftly. We are a democracy, a free country but we are not free. Your silence smears our blood into our hands. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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