EDITOR’S PICK OF THE WEEK – Mothupa foundation

Mothupa foundation is the organization that create an enabling environment for girl child by assisting with basic Sanitary needs, career guidance and mentorship.

The organization also works with other organizations that mainly deal with helping the girl child to overcome societal challenges.

The organization was established 9 years ago with the help of my friends and family I manage to help over 500 girls.

Every year we have four campaigns in the organization.

Munchies and thoughts
Is a cooking show devised from authenticity of passionate cooking, meaningful conversation by the guidance of a chef /host and influential coming from different industries to unfold, discuss challenges and look into different topics over tasteful munchies and educational sharing of thoughts.

The main objective of this show is to give back to Mothupha foundation

Each guest that is coming to share a meal with a chef /host need to bring school shoes that will be donated to the girls.

The show is currently on YouTube munchies and thoughts.. You can view and subscribe to show your support

It’s was created last year March by Phathanani Mbatha

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