Body shaming is known as the action or practice of expressing humiliation about another individual’s body shape or size. It is a form of bullying. Body shaming is hurtful is painful and has long-term consequences.

When one looks at the mirror, they ought to see a masterpiece. People around us and social media bullies have given us a broken mirror. A mirror that cuts and we bleed. Societal expectations have shuttered this mirror with fat and body shaming.  A mirror that is drips of tears every day. Tears of self-doubt and self-hate.

Not a good mirror,

 It’s not a good mirror, 

It hurts.  

For time immemorial we have allowed ourselves to celebrate a certain type of body, the so-called chiseled body with abs and curvy hips. These bodies have been perceived as the ‘ideal body’. We have endorsed this discrimination even as the queer community.  While we were all given different shapes and sizes there are people who have taken the sick responsibility of shaming other people on the body they were born in and see nothing wrong with that. It’s sad.

Understandably, romantically, people have different choices, types and preferences. They are entitled to do so.  This sexiness that we were socialized carries with it so much stigma, judgement and in the process has taken away so much confidence from our peers.  

There is nothing wrong with going to the gym, I mean there is a lot to look at, at the gym. Noone deserves the pressure of muscles and curves. Absolutely no one. If we all lived to accept each other as we are the world would be a better place. We all come in different packages. 

Filters and other remedies have made us think we are in the wrong frame and they are the solution. They are not! Kind words go a long way. I dream of a day when we see people beyond the bodies, they are in. 

We always preach, love wins. 

Love is not judgmental

Love does not hurt

Love does not stigmatize. 

Hate does. 

Don’t hate appreciate.

Hurt people hurt people. Check yourself before you say something to someone. Before you utter something ask yourself:

Is it necessary?

Does it build up?

This edition of Exit we celebrate all body types and hope you join us too. 


Love and Light

Dumisani Dube

Editor in Chief

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