BREAKING: South Africa Scoops the Mr Gay World 2021 Title

By Dumisani Dube

Johannesburg: South African Queers woke up to jubilation and excitement as they received the news the Louw Breytenbach had been crowned Mr Gay World 2021. Mr Gay Word released a press statement in the early hours of Sunday, 31 October 2021. “Breytenbach was announced winner after a stunning virtual finale which was the culmination of two weeks of challenges for ten delegates from across the globe.” The statement read. 

Louw took to his Instagram page and thanked all his supporters for the encouragement and support during this journey. Outstanding, inspiring and touching was his written message to his social media followers in which he said, “12 years ago I tried to commit suicide a third time. 5 years ago, I was in a life altering car accident which was highly publicised and landed me in a mental health facility. 

Then I made the papers for my weight struggles and closing businesses in lockdown and so many were shocked that a year ago I cleaned houses to make ends meet and keep my staff employed. A cancer scare, C19, and plenty breakdowns later. We got here NEVER STOP TRYING. NEVER STOP FIGHTING. NEVER STOP BELIEVING. Your future self depends on you getting through today’s struggle. You are so worthy.

MR GAY WORLD – I mean… Wow. I am so blessed and thankful to every person who made this possible!! The crown is in Africa for the first time in a decade! 69 countries in the world still criminalise homosexuality and 29 of them are in Africa — I want to be a driving force to change this and challenge this along with my existing charities

A very special thank you to The Lord above, my family, friends, fans, supporters, my amazing sponsors, management and the silent observers who have cheered me on – THANK YOU. 

You will never know how you have impacted my life, and I hope to be a strong enough leader to impact others.”

Louw has been hands on with various charities that include giving away brand new shoes to needing school children, hosting a fundraising breakfast for Southern Africa Animal Cancer Association. Last week he delivered a touching summation at a Queer Mental Wellness workshop hosted Dialogues for Change. He is indeed an agent of change and deserves all the wins. 

According to the “Mr Gay World statement Breytenbach will reign consecutively with Mr Gay World 2020 winner making it the first time that Mr Gay World delegates will reign at the same time.”

Congratulations Louw, you have made Mzansi and Africa proud, continue to fly the flag high. Here is to many more wins. Baie geluk, congratulations, amhlophe, makorokoto!



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