Jägermeister Night Embassy in partnership with Other Village People, made up of event producer and DJ Andiswa Dlamini (AN.D) as well as cultural worker and curator Kefiloe Siwisa, debuted the Queertopia festival in 2021, and now they are back to raise the Queertopia flag again this December 10th and 11th at Victoria Yards. Queertopia is a a festival that embodies OVP’s desire to foster spaces that prioritise queer communities and collaboration

“Queertopia is an immersive queer- centered festival that normalises and celebrates our differences. This fictitious new world order has its own forms of expression and communities that reimagine the world we live in.” Says OVP.

Expect an experience where the LGBTQIAP+ community is prioritised and all allies are welcome. Aside from the raising of the Queertopia flag designed by Wacom Boy, a concept store, screening room, conversation circles, and zen room, the progressive lineup will include DJ’s and live performances from Desire Marea, Ms Party back to back with Lelowhatsgood, Darkie Fiction, Muneyi and Kekelingo, DJ LeSoul, Ukhoikhoi, Lilac Jeans, Mx Blouse, Mamthug, Thando Nje, Coco Brown, Pona Colada back to back with Nkly, Koko, An.d, Bilal Da DJ, Nouveaux, Dzaddy T, Maria McCloy and Womlambo.

Tickets are available on Quicket: https://qkt.io/ZLMvFm

The first iteration of Queertopia took place at Constitutional Hill from 18 – 20th November 2021 through the support of the Jägermeister Night Embassy campaign.

“After a successful campaign that supported the first edition of Queertopia by OVP, in 2021, Jägermeister Night Embassy is going deeper into this movement and continuing to fulfill their mission to support different cultures, communities and creative voices.” Says Mpumi from Jägermeister Night Embassy.

Queertopia | queer and (u)topia / (dys)topia

“Using queer alongside utopia/dystopia draws on a sense of divergency and multiplicity. By combining these words we recognise that even in ‘chaos’ there is beauty.” Explains OVP.

OVP is proud that “Queertopia is currently the only festival that speaks predominately to queer communities in Johannesburg outside of Pride.”

In the first edition of Queertopia, the core concept was established and this year the aim is to further build on the world of Queertopia.

“Queertopia 2022 is about future world building. The overall aesthetic will be influenced by futurism and the idea of liminality.”

The flag will be raised again, says OVP, as it “It was designed to connect to a sense of movement and constant transformation, one colour fading into the next. It is a representation of the limitless expression of what it means to be queer.”

Day 1 – December 10th 2022

Attendees will check in at the Queertopia welcome centre where they will be (re)orientated and transported into the world of the festival. The Queertopia party experience will be a celebration of music, dancing, self-expression, and communal connection through a line-up of exciting local live acts alongside heavy DJ’s to bring in the party.There will be screenings of queer films and guided conversation circles that encourage attendees to share space and experiences alongside a concept store with unique Queertopia merchandise and flash tattoos on offer.

Day 2 – December 11th 2022

On the second day, the Queertopia concert experience will include an experimental line-up of local live acts and DJ’s. This day will encourage deep listening, connection and joy over food and music. The screenings and guided conversation circles will continue, and attendees will also be able to take a moment in the zen room to breathe and just be.


Being in community means sharing an awareness around communal accountability. These principles will be supported by Mindful (youth-centered mental health organization), who will provide added care services to attendees to make the experience throughout the weekend safer and more enjoyable for all.

Be Who You Are

Respect People’s Pronouns

Always Ask For Consent

Trust Your Vibes, Energy Never Lies

Take Up Space But Be Considerate Of Others

Do Not Police Anyones Queerness

Queertopia Priortises LGBTQIAP+ Communities and welcomes allies.

Founded in 2016 , Other Village People (OVP) creates experiences for LGBTQIAP+ communities to feel liberated, to live in the truest reflection of self, connect, celebrate, and find a space to be.

Under OVP there are three queer- centered platforms: Queertopia; SSS (Same Sex Saturday) a party space that runs in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban as well as Grounded, an intimate series of alternative experiences from hikes to dinners and everything in between.

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