In the first of many collabs, well known TV Personality and Comedian Siv Ngesi has joined up with the Radisson RED Hotel at the V&A Waterfront, as well as MVT Productions, to bring Drag to the Radisson RED. Four well know Drag Cabaret Queens, Manila von Teez, Kat Gilardi, Wendy La Rosa and Ina Propriette are set to entertain you whilst you enjoy a buffet meal prepared by the Chefs of the Radisson RED Hotel.

The concept of a DRAG Brunch is well known throughout the world and affords opportunity to those Members of the Public who do not frequent night clubs or evening events, when Drag is mainly performed to also enjoy this much-loved art form.

Siv Ngesi himself has recently, after years of admiration for the art form, decided to give it go, and thus the Drag Persona Sivanna Ngesi has been “born!” Siv has always been someone to support as much as he can, and firmly believes that the Art of Drag needs to be celebrated even more, and the Drag Brunch is a start to many exciting projects on the horizon. He will also be affording an opportunity for a new Drag Cabaret Performer the opportunity to perform at the Brunch. The plan is to host this Drag Brunch once a month and showcase different and new talent each time.

For the brunch, besides the great entertainment and food that will be on offer, Essence SA will be present with make-up stations, allowing guests the opportunity to touch up on their make-up, as well as possibly dabble in some much-loved Drag make-up!

This show promises to deliver high voltage entertainment, with a great meal, and great vibes and even some great Give-Aways!

Strict COVID Protocols will be in Place and wearing of a Mask is Compulsory.

Show takes place on 16th Sunday May 2021 starting at 11:00am, so get your Quicket tickets NOW for only R250! Limited Tickets Available

Ticket sales: https://qkt.io/tj8G1u

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