Faith Edmunds A 30-year-old black queer woman born and bred in one of the dusty villages of the North West province; Taung rich in culture and tradition well known for its breathtaking tourism history.  Faith is an entrepreneur at heart, a full-time marketing strategist, the last of 4 children born in a diversified family of black and white.

Diversity and freedom of expression are things that were always a part of my childhood, coming from a family that is expressive and diverse in culture and beliefs, from an early age I embraced my outspokenness and love for creativity. I was brought up in a business environment from retail to agriculture and for me, business has always been my way of life to express my freedom and to instigate change.

We came up with after my niece who identified as a Transgender woman took her life on October the 19th three years ago because of the discrimination and transphobia she faced from society. Colour Me is a socio-economic movement that advocates for the inclusion and recognition of the Queer community in rural and semi-urban areas we execute this through a clothing brand.  Behind this unique movement are two queer women who saw a need to build an economical value chain that will service the LGBTIQ+ community in both the clothing and entertainment industry.

Our clothing is free of any gender categorization or limitation, we perceive it as genderless which is less restrictive than gendered fashion.  If you only give a person a dress, you’re only limiting them to a dress but if you give them a neutral garment they can wear it any way they want. Our material is tailor-made to fit all body shapes and sizes with over twenty colours to choose from. We believe in giving our clients the freedom of choice to create within our creation what represents their character and future.

Our vision is to create an economic and social movement through clothing & entertainment that will contribute to the freedom of expression of queer generations to come and give them an equal chance to participate in both social & economical spaces as their authentic true self.

We believe that our clothing is capable of sparking positive conversations about gender identification and sexual preferences. Ours is not just a piece of clothing but a form of identification a sense of self-assurance, belonging and boldness.

Our core objectives are as follows:

  • Link LGBTIQ+ youth entrepreneurs & creatives with networking movements that will keep them inspired, informed and engaged with the power that lies within the pink rand.
  • Encourage rural communities to start sexual education campaigns to raise visibility of diversity in genders and sexualities through artistic concepts such as the pride movement.
  • To expand this clothing brand to other parts of Africa, as a support structure to the LGBTIQ+ youth to share their creativity, network and uplift each other economically through different skills and talents.
  • Build a public arena for the promotion of early engagements and awareness for kids to be taught about the LGBTIQ+ history and our significance within society.








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