The past year has been nothing short of dramatic for the whole world and music has been a saving grace. While we sat home, locked in baking banana bread, and catching up with friends and family virtually, there was a need to go back to basics. 

Just as the world adjusted to a new way of living and creating, so did avant-garde artist Umlilo. After serving an epic performance at Afropunk and Blooming Sounds of Johannesburg, Umlilo has longed for a stripped down, back-to-basics approach to live music. This is how #LockdownJams was born. Umlilo has taken the chance to create new versions of old songs, workshop new songs and share the songwriting and music making process with their friends and fans.


Umlilo Lockdown Jams Live brings viewers a comforting, emotional, vulnerable, and eclectic mix of music from Umlilo’s acclaimed EP’s Shades of Kwaai and Aluta as well as songs from their upcoming debut Isambulo. The show will include improvised songs, live loops, covers and the signature sound of Future Kwaai we have come to know from the international artist.

“After performing at festivals and big stages for the past few years, I really wanted to do something low-key, stripped down and that really shows the progression of myself as an artist and how I’ve learnt to make music in a different way during this past year. I wanted to share new songs, do a cover or two and let the audience in on the live music making process. Everything you hear was recorded and mixed live and completely original so that is very exciting for me and I hope audiences enjoy this format,” says Umlilo.

Check out some of Umlilo’s live Lockdown Videos:


The Elements



The music showcase is s free live streaming event on Facebook and Youtube on Tuesday, 15 June 2021. 

The concert is brought to you by Concerts SA, NAC, DAC, SAMRO, IKS and more.

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