a brand by Troy Malange

Established in 2017. 

I’ve always imagined that we all are like diamonds and we want to shine a little brighter, some yet to be cultivated and moulded by life but none the less we are diamonds.

The brand has always aimed to push a Queer agenda, break the social norms of what society has used to empower Patriarchy and toxic Masculinity. Everybody should be comfortable in their own body and be happy to show it to the world. Shape and size are not an issue at all, DP caters for all. This is achieved by the choices of textiles and colours I use.

 DP hopes to invade and occupy online spaces for all things Queer via apparel, accessories and footwear. We are launching our online store in October 2021.

As stated on our social media page @diamontedesigns is a clothing brand by a queer man made by and for queers and allies. When we mass-produce, we look for queer and queer-friendly places to do so. We sell apparel, swimwear and hopefully more soon.

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