A womxn is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. They transform the world and if given a chance change it to be a better place. Sadly, they are taken for advantage in a world that is full of greed and patriarchy. 

There was a time when womxn leadership was questioned or non-existent at all. The world belonged to men, egocentric men with egos bigger than their own heads. Gender equality was an untouched topic. It was taboo. Womxn were celebrated once, a minute after giving birth. Congratulations you have given “us” a baby, thank you, now we will take it from here. Imagine the nerve of asking a womxn whose pregnancy it is when she is the one carrying it. It has to belong to a man. Nonsense!

Societal expectations let down womxn in so many ways. When a womxn chooses a career, she is called so many names, power hungry and selfish. Who is going to look after the house and kids, they ask? Like being locked down for 9 months was not enough. 

The list of key issues affect girls and womxn shows some of the problems womxn and girls face worldwide:  

  • The lack of womxn in positions of power
  • Patriarchy
  • Not enough womxn at the table
  • Sexism, racism and economic inequality
  • Trauma-centered-feminism
  • Access to equal opportunity
  • The lack of respect for care giving
  • Navigating career and motherhood
  • Gender based violence

This list goes on…. And on. 

Numerous short studies regarding womxn’s history in African nations have been conducted. Many studies focus on the historic roles and status of womxn in specific countries and regions. Despite all strides towards equality, womxn still face various issues related to gender inequality. Queer womxn are no exception.  

Even in the midst of a pandemic, there is a growing authoritarianism that is threatening to silence the voices of truth and justice. The voices of womxn. This womxn’s month valiant womxn are refusing to be silenced. Womxn are step by step claiming their space in society. I speak of lesbian, trans and cis womxn. It’s time we give them the stage, men have been on it for so long, its exhausting. Time to change the narrative. That time has come. The time is now. 

We dedicate this issue to ALL womxn.

Thank you for choosing EXIT. 


Dumisani Dube

Editor In Chief


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