By Craig Kim


Some say varsity days are the best times of your life, well for me it definitely wasn’t. I remember when I was just 17 years old I attended the National Athletics training camp. Coming from an all boys school nothing crazy had ever crossed my mind sexually. I was the typical ‘perfect student’ and nothing exciting happens or rather happened at school. 


At the camp I was introduced to Moses who was going to be my roommate for the duration of the camp. He was from another school but in the same district as mine. He had an athletic build, tall and a sun kissed bronze that made him look a bit older than I was. He had a certain charm that made him quite the Casanova   with the girls. Watching him during the camp, the girls definitely navigated towards him. Our first few days as roomies were spent discussing sports, movies you know the as usual teenage stuff.  That all changed one fateful night when I asked to use his phone. As I was innocently browsing, he (or is it “I”)  decided to visit the porn world for the first time.


It was all too much for my innocent virgin mind and I struggled to fully comprehend and understand these emotions and urges overpowering my sanity. After a few minutes of watching beautiful bodies colliding with passion on the tiny screen, the craziest thing happened! I noticed our pants stretching against the pressure of our erections and the next thing we were kissing and touching each others penises. Mind you, this all happened fast I didn’t have time to think, I just responded.  This was after all, my first time kissing a guy.


We never spoke about it during our practice or until we left the camp and went our separate ways. The moment I arrived home everything had changed, I would reminisce on the kiss I shared  with Moses. Ever since the encounter, I found myself looking at guys differently. I couldn’t stop my eyes from roving  to all the dick prints at my all boys school, especially during sports practice. A month later, right before our UK tour, we reconvened for yet  another sport camp session. As fate would have it, I once again shared a room with Moses. Whenever he changed, I would steal glances and he would say, ”You know its rude to stare right?”. I would shy away my eyes, but couldn’t help thinking about his enormous dick print. 


Suddenly, he then grabbed my hand and put it on his bulge.


It was rock hard and I could feel it moving in my hand. I hadn’t done anything like this before and I didn’t know what to do. So I naturally followed my instincts and started rubbing it and it kept on getting harder and harder. Before I even knew it our lips hugged. He kissed me so hard that I felt my soul giving itself to him, my soul literally left me. Raw like potatoes he chowed me good that night, all night.


Everything happened rhythmically and our bodies were in sync. It looked as if he had been literally practicing for this moment. It was nice, he had awarding winning dick game and the energy  I experienced was unmatched by anything I had ever felt. He showed me the ropes and I was eager to climb them. For a first time it was a beautiful chemistry and I felt at ease when he reassured me, ‘Relax and you’ll be fine’. 

I felt dominated but surprisingly at ease with being submissive.


There is always this facial expression one has after doing something naughty. We both saw it on our faces and we couldn’t stop smiling and cuddled as we fell away into a deep slumber without any care or worries. What could possibly go wrong I thought to myself besides that had an important race to look forward to. Was this my coming out? 


After the season ended we kept in touch. Moses would text  and ask if I was good, although we never had time for each other again. That felt good but also made me feel like a pretty wifey bitch well for the first time! I guess first times aren’t always the worst times. That was my awakening, I love men, I am queer as fuck.

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